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Navigating the Insider Shipping Challenges for Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes have taken the packaging world by storm with their fine appeal and robust nature. Brands that want […]

Custom rigid boxes have taken the packaging world by storm with their fine appeal and robust nature. Brands that want to ship their high-end, heavy, and luxury items confidently leverage these boxes to serve the purpose.

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, packaging holds great importance. Customers rely on the first look of the product. So, if the packaging entices them, they are going to make an instant purchase without any second thoughts.

Rigid setup boxes, also known as rigid luxury boxes, are famous worldwide due to their premium feel, used for enhancing the perceived value of the sophisticated products inside. These are also a popular choice for elevating branding efforts and strengthening the brand’s repute in the marketplace.

However, as everything doesn’t go always perfectly, so is the case with custom rigid boxes. Their safe and intact shipping in the e-commerce world poses some major challenges to the brands, as discussed here. We are also going to share some of the practical tips in response to these challenges, that all brands must take into account, for a more efficient shipping of products.

Shipping Challenges for Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes lend solid support to the inside product, due to the vast usage of condensed paperboard, which is quite a thick material. It proves to be an excellent choice and lays a strong foundation for the box, thereby offering superior levels of protection to the content. Most of the time, electronics, luxury goods, and furniture brands use these boxes to pack their products. With creative designs, brands can enhance the customer experiences even more.

As far as the online or e-commerce world is concerned, packaging has gained global fame and all brands are striving to put their focus on crafting the best quality custom rigid boxes. Despite their so-many benefits here are a few challenges these brands might face when they pack and ship their worthy products in these top-notch boxes:


As rigid boxes are crafted using heavy material and are thicker than all other packaging types, this in turn contributes to higher costs for shipping. These boxes consume more of the shipping space due to their non-collapsible nature. This in turn leads to occupying the space for other smaller-unit items, thus resulting in higher costs for the brand. This factor is one of the major concerns for the brands, especially the newbies, and the struggling ones.


Other than the shipping cost, making these boxes is equally expensive as only quality material is selected for manufacturing them.  The entire process of making them is also a bit complex, and that is why higher costs are involved in crafting top-quality boxes that surpass the customers’ expectations and help in the effective shipping of the respective product.


Another challenge for brands is to consider the impact of these boxes on the environment and focus on the sustainability factor. With the rising demand of customers for eco-friendly packaging, brands should give up on the use of non-recyclable material which results in an increased carbon footprint.


This is one of the major reasons why custom rigid boxes are used, i.e. to ensure the safe and hassle-free shipping of the products. As the items inside are luxury and heavy ones, they need higher levels of safety at all times. Though these boxes guarantee maximum safety, still the chances of damages are there. Any kind of rough handling can lead to scratches, damages, and dents to the content inside. Therefore, brands need to ensure no damage to the integrity of the product and ensure their safe delivery with proactive measures.

Addressing the Shipping Challenges for Rigid Packaging Boxes

These strategies have proved to be effective when dealing with the shipping issues regarding custom rigid boxes:

  1. Following the design-optimization approach, brands can craft relatively light-in-weight boxes that assure maximum durability and no compromise over strength. In this manner, they can drastically lower shipping costs and reduce their carbon footprint as well. They can incorporate several add-ons and features to further enhance the usability and space efficiency of these boxes.
  2. Investing in better quality and sustainable materials helps to enhance the green appeal of these boxes and makes them even more competitive in the market. Placing an internal cushion or add-on can further ensure the safe shipping of these boxes. Moreover, these inserts are resistant to shocks and external pressure, thereby guaranteeing a safe and sound delivery.
  3. Educating the customers is equally essential to help them set realistic expectations. They must be informed of the high prices as well as the top benefits of these boxes. This fosters their learning and thus they can willingly invest in these boxes knowing their perks and high costs involved, if they want to achieve optimal levels of safety for their products.
  4. Brands can also take initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and shipping costs by partnering with suppliers. Also, ordering the material in bulk and streamlining the entire manufacturing process can prove to be cost-effective for brands.

With these associated shipping challenges as well as the proposed solutions, brands can ensure the smooth shipping of products via custom rigid boxes. Embracing material innovation, educating the customers, optimizing the design, ordering material in bulk, and using add-ons for more protection can help such brands mitigate these risks and leverage the benefits of these boxes.

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