William Smith Net Worth

William Smith is one of the most well-known musicians and actors of our time. His net worth is estimated at approximately $17 million. His career spans almost fifty years. His work has earned him a variety of awards, including three Grammys, seven Emmys, and four Golden Globes. His musical style has been influenced by jazz and blues. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.

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Will Smith is an American actor and former rapper. His career has spanned seven decades and includes roles in over 300 films and television productions. He has earned millions of dollars from his roles in popular movies.

William Smith was born on March 24, 1933, in Columbia, Missouri. His father is William Emmett Smith and his mother is Emily Richards Smith. He studied in Paris and Munich. He received a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, and a master’s from the University of California-Los Angeles. He speaks German, Serbo-Croatian, and French.

Will Smith was a member of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Security Squadron 6907 during the Korean War. He also served in the United States Air Force. His personal life included horses, riding, and sports. He was an accomplished athlete and bodybuilder. He also was a downhill skier.

He is married to Joanne Cervelli. They have two children.


William Smith is a successful actor. He has been working in the entertainment industry for over seven decades. His main source of income is his acting career. He has appeared in over 300 feature films. His earnings are estimated at $350 million by the end of 2022. He is considered one of the most successful and bankable stars in the entertainment industry.

He has been honored by the Southern California Motion Picture Council with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He is also an honorary member of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures. He is a member of the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. He is also a rapper and singer. He has two children.

He was born on March 24, 1933, in Columbia, Missouri. He grew up on a family cattle farm. He started his career in movies as a small extra in a 1942 film, The Ghost of Frankenstein. He later enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War. He was assigned to a special security squadron.


George William Smith, one of the most famous sportsmen in New Zealand history, is a sportsman who excelled at both codes of rugby football. He won numerous awards in both sports.

He was a jockey, bodybuilder, arm-wrestler, and actor. He was also a black belt in martial arts.

Smith was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He was the son of Andrew and Jane Smith. He was the eldest of ten children. He was a good horse racer, but weight issues made him drop out of the sport.

In 1896, he played his first representative match. In 1901, he became the All-New Zealand champion in the 440-yard hurdles. He won the award a total of five times. He also won the New Zealand 120-yard hurdles championship four times. He was also a member of the City Rugby Football Club, which came a close second to Auckland in the senior championship in 1896.

Tax debt

Will Smith’s tax debt was assessed by the Internal Revenue Service for more than two million dollars. His attorneys secured a meeting with the top tax officials. They also argued for a civil settlement. However, the tax authorities refused.

Smith had failed to file federal tax returns for 1981 and 1982. This indicated he might have been hiding income. He had also bought a home with untaxed money from a Caribbean bank account. He admitted he had used a lawyer’s help to avoid paying the taxes.

Smith’s Belize-based entity transferred $182 million in assets to a new charitable foundation. It gave $15 million to the Carnegie Hall Society for music education programs. In 2015, he donated $149 million to various charities. This caused the IRS to investigate Smith’s tax debt.

During the investigation, the San Francisco grand jury issued subpoenas to Vista Limited Partners. The investigation turned into a four-year wrangle.