Why Pinterest Is Important For Digital Marketing

Pinterest is the most effective social channel for learning about products and getting shopping
ideas. Pinterest may be the platform for you if you work in the fashion and beauty, home décor
and design, or hospitality and food industries.
Isn’t it true that digital marketing agency services are all about raising brand awareness,
growing website traffic, expanding your audience, and improving rankings to generate more
leads? Pinterest reached 300 million monthly users in August of 2019, according to CNN
Business, which means you’re missing out on 300 million potential clients. Pinterest is the place
to be.
5-step Pinterest Digital Marketing

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  1. Brand your profile
    Choose a cover board
    Selects up to five showcase boards
    Upload a profile photo
    Write your bio
    Brand your board covers
    Verify your website
  2. Determine your content strategy
    Product pins
    Blog post graphics
    Infographic pins
    Lead magnets
     Join community boards
     Focus on Pinterest SEO
    Your profile
    Your pins

Your boards
 Schedule out fresh pins

Pinterest has earned the moniker of the “sleeping giant” of social media sites since its user base
has increased dramatically. Pinterest users have been shown to have a higher purchasing intent
than users of other social media platforms.
Pinterest was responsible for the same amount of traffic to Etsy’s website as Facebook,
according to a report commissioned by Business Insider. Pinterest also delivered more traffic to
Etsy’s website than Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube combined.
Furthermore, a new study suggests that Pinterest users are more engaged than Facebook
users, with over 70% of users regularly connecting with and saving pins. This exposes Pinterest
as a new option for social media marketers whose Facebook reach has recently dropped by up
to 42 percent.
The distinct manner people connect with Pinterest may explain the increased engagement
figures exhibited on the platform compared to more traditional social networks.
Because of its nature as a discovery and bookmarking site, Pinterest is better suited to
generating free, converting traffic than Facebook, which discourages outbound links.
Pinterest users can be described as active participants in the search process, with users looking
for, bookmarking, and uploading new ideas directly. This is in sharp contrast to Facebook,
where users tend to spend much of their time passively scrolling through an endless timeline of
personalized news updates.
How Pinterest Is Helpful For Digital Marketing Agency
 Pinterest can Help you  Build Brand Awareness And Promotion.
 Grow Website Traffic
 Increase Audience 
 Increase Your Ranking
Pinterest can Help you  Build Brand Awareness And Promotion
With a personalized Pinterest business page, you can display current and future customers your
brand’s personality and beliefs.
This is where your ability to participate actively comes into play. The best part is that you can
and should pin more than 10 times every day, and they don’t all have to be unique stuff.
Pinning Etiquette

You should pin information at least ten times every day, and it doesn’t have to be unique.
Product and service-related pins. Immerse yourself and actively participate in the Pinterest
community if you want to win the participation prize. 
Don’t beg or rally for pins or likes (this isn’t Facebook); Pinterest isn’t that kind of lady, and you’ll
get nowhere quick if you do. If you focus on identifying and appealing to your target audience,
the rest will fall into place. 
As a result, Pinterest is a little easier to handle as a digital marketing company than other social
media networks, which demand a lot more skill when it comes to posting.
When you have an active and intriguing Pinterest account, you may increase your brand’s
exposure by promoting the things you manufacture and the content you promote.  As a result of
unique material and sharing like-minded pins, more users become aware of your business and
what it stands for. Share and re-share.
Grow Website Traffic
The most significant advantage of Pinterest is its enormous potential for traffic development. A
direct link to a firm’s website can be included in each pin a company makes on Pinterest. As a
result, Pinterest effectively boosts your website’s traffic.
If you use it wisely, it will only benefit you. Just make sure to use pins that lead users to useful
Increase Audience 
When a company utilizes Pinterest frequently, its pins are more likely to develop popularity
when they are posted to other boards. Your brand is exposed to potential clients when people
share your pins throughout the world. 
This is a highly effective way to broaden your reach while also generating additional traffic.
The Power of Pinning helps you expand your audience and find your Pinterest tribe by allowing
you to be seen by your community.
Increase Your Ranking
Pinterest, like Google, is based on keywords; in fact, keywords are the most significant aspect
of the platform. Pinterest can help you rank higher in Google searches as well as on Pinterest
itself if you utilize the right keywords. 
As with any other content marketing plan, use best SEO practices to see your audience, traffic,
and organic ranking rise as a result of incorporating Pinterest into your digital marketing
We may use our knowledge of Pinterest consumer buying behavior to build and implement
successful Pinterest marketing plans that take advantage of the network’s different perks, such
as the previously mentioned greater conversion and engagement rates.

When developing your Pinterest strategy, think about it from the perspective of your target
audience, as you would virtually any other aspect of marketing. By imagining yourself in their
shoes, you’ll be able to devise a strategy that has the best chance of succeeding.
Are you ready to test your steps of Pinterest’s digital marketing strategy? By incorporating these
concepts into your content strategy, you may start attracting a flood of new website traffic and
buyers to your links.