Which Crucial Elements Should be Included in the Law System to Improve Society?

The significance of law in a society is a brainer. Laws make life easier for all by protecting and advancing their interests. It refers to the set of rules and regulations that bound individuals and organizations to follow the right suit. A society with no value for laws ceases to grow, develop, and progress. You cannot imagine the cost of living in a lawless society. It regulates people’s behaviours and moulds them for the betterment of all humans.

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Significance of law

Law is undoubtedly one of the key elements of society and merely the most inevitable. Following are the functions performed by laws that make it a necessary element for growth and development in a society.

Protection of Rights

One of the primary objectives for forming different laws is to protect the interest of individuals, groups, and societies. The specific laws governing the protection of life, property, and dignity provide a safe environment for living in a society for all individuals. Similarly, basic rights such as the right to education, food, shelter, clothing, health, and speech are also protected with relevant laws.

Resolving Conflicts

Another area upon which law has significant influence in resolving issues and disputes among individuals and groups. It provides the right procedure to follow for finding the solution to problems without much hassle. It provides people with a framework to identify eh lack in their dealings and solve issues justly. It ensures that nobody gets deprived of justice or becomes a victim of undue dominance of others.

Bringing a Social Change

Change is inevitable, especially in society. However, the process to bring about a change is usually complex. Laws help in organized and systematic bringing of necessary changes in society. It helps avoid the potential chaos that would occur in the absence of laws, rules, and regulations. Whether you want to transform the educational system or work for gender equality, fair laws add concreteness to your narrative and provide a strong foundation to channelize your efforts in the right direction.

Maintenance of Peace

A peaceful society breeds growth and development among the masses on individual and collective levels. In the absence of laws, there would be absolute chaos in the society, with everyone trying to dominate others. The crime rate would surge with people more inclined towards domination through violence. Laws eliminate all such risks, set boundaries for individuals and organizations to follow, and let society grow strictly.

Improved relationship among members

Surprisingly, laws impact the relationship between different agents of society. It soothes the relations between individuals, groups, and organisations. It encourages them to advance their interests without hurting those of anyone else.

Easy access to justice

Laws play the role of a bridge to provide individuals with easy access to justice. It treats every individual equally irrespective of social status, wealth, or influence. It supports the sufferers to speak for their rights and get them with the support of the judicial system.

Setting standards

To do any task in the world, it is necessary to know the right pathway to follow and reach the desired goal. They create the awareness among masses on what is right and wrong. This leads them to become productive citizens by playing a positive role. It also clearly defines the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in society and the resulting consequences of both.

The points mentioned above highlight the significance of laws and their influence on society. However, like any other thing in the world, there is significant room for improvement in the legal system to make them effective for improving society. Following are the crucial elements that should be included in the legal system to accelerate the society improvement process.

Basic Awareness

The greatest downside of the legal system is that it is challenging for laypeople to understand. Most of the terminologies are difficult to understand and, therefore, nearly useless for them. They are unaware of their rights and responsibilities. This creates a huge barrier between the people and the judicial system. Legal literacy must also be mandatory for all, while the authorities should simplify the complex legal terms for ease of understanding.

Ease of access

Approaching legal bodies and the struggle for justice is quite complicated for many. The legal system’s laws involve complicated and time-taking steps that frustrate the individuals. The legal system must be easily approachable for all with less complexity. Moreover, it must accelerate the legal process. Most people step back from their legitimate rights only because they do not have enough time to waste during the process.

Reasonable cost

The cost involved in a legal system for an ordinary man is yet another issue that needs improvement. Justice must not be so costly that it gets far away from the reach of people. The authorities must make efforts to lower the cost of justice that is attainable for all. The court fees and other processing fees must be affordable for lower and middle-class people.

Increased Transparency

To build people’s trust over the legal system, it is crucial for it to be transparent for them. If there is unnecessary confidentiality and secrecy, it makes people suspicious of their own legal system, and they are reluctant to turn to it at the time of need.

Bottom line

Life without laws is nearly impossible to imagine. A society cannot survive without a pre-defined set of rules and regulations. A society must have a people-oriented legal system. This will prevent problems from getting intense and reaching a level where individuals or groups come on the verge of serious conflicts. It is necessary to keep updating the laws and legal system overtime to meet the needs of the time.

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