What is the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting?

\most popular operating systems available: Linux and Windows.

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For web servers, Linux is the preferred operating system. Web designers demand greater functionality from Linux-based hosting, as it is a powerful server and can support many programming languages. At the same time, Windows Hosting runs on Microsoft specialized software.

This article will describe the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting and provide more information about them.

What is Linux Hosting?

A Linux server was designed to consider larger businesses’ storage and operational demands and their software. Next to Shared Hosting is an open-source operating system, available for free or affordable prices (depending on the provider).

Also, Linux servers are widely used nowadays and are regarded as among the most popular due to their superior reliability, security, and flexibility.

So, Linux Hosting handles the system and database (MySQL) management. With more benefits to it, Linux Hosting is the type of hosting in which the customer is provided with a Linux-based server. You Stable Also Provides Linux web hosting in Dubai.

Advantages and Disadvantage Of Linux Hosting

Every story has two sides. So does Linux Hosting. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows-


  • Open Source software
  • Free, Cheap, and Affordable Hosting
  • Secure, reliable, and flexible
  • It supports various languages like PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby.


  • Migration problems
  • Bad support for games
  • Poor availability of technical support- Troubleshoot problems

What is Window Hosting?

It is a web hosting server that runs the Windows operating system or one of its types. When you utilize a hosting service like this, your website pages will easily access Windows web development technologies. It uses its database server: MSSQL (Microsoft SQL)

Microsoft keeps improving this program, and we can witness its progress on Windows year after year in terms of technical elements and support.

Advantages and Disadvantage Of Window Hosting

As we discussed Linux Hosting’s advantages and disadvantages, here are Window Hosting’s-

Advantages of Windows Hosting:

  • Microsoft Friendly
  • Regular updates, changes, and advancements
  • Well support web design programs
  • All windows related applications or developments can be perfectly performed under this server.
  • Compatible with all window tools
  • Control Panel: Plesk

Disadvantages of Windows Hosting:

  • eCommerce websites may face problems running with Windows hosting
  • Often Rebooting required
  • Not cost-efficient
  • Less stable and secured

Main difference between Linux Hosting Vs. Window Hosting

A table is drawn to showcase the difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting-

Point of DifferentiationLinux HostingWindows Hosting
Licensing, and its costLinux is open source. Hence, it does not need a cost for licensing, so free. You only have to pay for the hardware and the services.Windows is closed source. One cannot run a server without licensing on it. Hence, it is more costly than Linux.
TechnologySupports various programming languages like: PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby.Only Microsoft software is used.
Data Management SystemMySQLMSSQL
CustomizabilityEasy. Platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla work well with LinuxFirstly; it needs licensing to customise. Secondly, these platforms can work with Windows as well but with difficulty and much effort.  

My Opinion: Which Is the Better Web Hosting

So, what’s better, in my opinion? Should you go with Linux or Windows for your hosting? While many developers may find the decision more difficult, here’s a brief guide to assist you in deciding.

If you’re not a developer, Linux is definitely the best option. The CPanel is designed to meet the demands of people who manage e-commerce websites, blogs, or wikis. You also have access to simple customization tools that don’t take long to master. Also, If your primary programming language is PHP, Python, or Perl, however, you’ll probably benefit from Linux hosting.

It also will cost you less because there is no need for licensing but only for the service provider.

Coming on Windows Hosting, it gets a little more tricky if you’re a developer. It makes more sense for developers with a corporate background to utilize Windows, as this is what many organizations use for internal servers, and you’re presumably familiar with it. Running a server on MSSQL would be excellent practice and a favorable feature according to the latest technology.

But, I guess Linux Hosting is more cost-effective, secure, reliable, and flexible as compared to Windows Hosting And many cheap web hosting providers give you Linux as soon as you have it. Hence, it is more efficient and easy to be used.


When it comes to Linux or Window Hosting for WordPress or any other kind of hosting, Linux stands a step higher than Window.

With this article describing Linux and Window Hosting with their advantages, disadvantages, differences, and which one you should opt for, the process of choosing one will become easy and clearer for you.

We hope the article was of some help to you. Please feel free to ask us anything you want. We’ll be happy to answer them!