What is the definition of a double hat trick in soccer?

A double hat trick occurs when a single player scores at least six goals in a single game in soccer. According to the English Premier League data, up to 15 hat tricks are scored in 380 games in an average season. It’s clear that what is a hat trick in soccer?

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In soccer, hockey, water polo, and various other sports, the word hat trick refers to three goals. It’s even more unusual to see a double hat trick. Scoring a double hat trick is even unique; players are more likely to be mauled by a lion on the pitch than to score a double hat trick.

That is why hat tricks scored in two different games are a touch on as a double hat trick. Many soccer players have scored a simplified version of a double hat trick. Nonetheless, it should not be letting go of a simple task. Here’s how many games some of the best players in the Premier League need to get it:

Andrew Cole scored two hat tricks in 27 Premier League outings. After 30 appearances in the Premier League, Robbie Fowler got his second hat trick.

 Les Ferdinand had to make 33 outings to get something off his bucket list.

Callum Wilson appeared in 36 Premier League games between his two hat tricks.

Michael Owen appeared 41 times in the league between his first and second hat tricks.

If it wasn’t evident before, even top-level soccer players can’t achieve their dreams of scoring a double hat trick.

Who is the only player in history to score a hat trick twice?

After talking about the second, a much easier technique to get a double hat trick, it’s time to learn more about the real double hat trick:

Double hat tricks do happen, despite how uncommon they are. No one can deny that players who can score one in a professional match are legends of the sport.

Here are some of the players that have pulled off the rare feat of a double hat trick:

Pele makes his second appearance on our list for his effort in the April 1964 game. Pele scored eight goals in an 11-0 victory for Santos over Botafogo, falling one goal short of a triple hat trick.

Ted Drake is one of the rare players that has ever had the honor of scoring a double hat trick. Drake achieved seven goals in a game against Aston Villa, which was already a remarkable achievement. In December 1935, he led Arsenal to a 7-1 victory.

George Best was a Northern Irish soccer player who played for Manchester United for most of his career. Best led his club to an 8-2 victory over Northampton, scoring six goals.

Yet, this FA Cup record wasn’t as stunning at the time as it is now; a year before, Geoff Hurst led West Ham to an 8-0 victory over Sunderland, scoring a double hat trick. Ted MacDougal scored a triple hat trick less than two years after Best’s double hat trick in 1971. Despite this, no modern-day Manchester United players have been able to catch up to Best.

Who is still looking on as a legend of the club and the sport in general?

Mascarenhas is another double-hat trick scorer from the past. On November 13, 1963, this Sporting FC man made history by scoring six goals against APOEL. The game ended with an incredible 16-1 result.

Eldar Hadzimehmedovic is one of the few soccer players to score a hat trick in the twenty-first century. Hadzimehmedovic scored six goals in a 6-0 UEFA Cup victory over NSI Runavik in 2003 while wearing the Lyn jersey.

What if two players both score a hat trick?

Because each game uses an average of seven distinct soccer balls, a lack of balls to award should not be an issue. The player who achieved the second hat trick gets the option of taking a new ball home.