What is distance learning and its type?

With the pandemic situation, there was a hype in the number of students opting for distance learning. More and more people became aware of online learning and its benefits. Students can now learn from the educators teaching miles away from them. The modern education system has made it possible that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn. So, this article will discuss all the aspects of distance learning and its types.

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What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a mode of education in which educators and learners don’t have to present physically in the class, they interact virtually. There are so many online educational tools that make the process easier. Distance learning programs aim to overcome the barriers of geographical location and time. Students who live in rural areas or remote areas can benefit from the online mode of learning. It is also for the students who want to broaden their knowledge and learn new skills that their colleges or schools don’t teach. Distance learning plays a role in making a learner job-ready.

How does distance learning work?

There are so many online course selling website where students can do short certification courses as well as degree programs. They have plenty of resources like video lectures, ebooks, practice sets, and whatnot. Students can also get study materials through mail or post. The flexibility in distance learning programs allows students to e-learn at any time when they are free. Students can decide how much to learn and their pace of learning. Students can also interact face to face with their mentors at a scheduled time.

Different types of distance learning

Thanks to the digitalization and advancement in technology, students can apply for part-time, full time or certification courses in distance learning. Distance learning is a boon for those who cannot attend physical classes or have financial issues. So, here are some types of distance learning programs if you are looking for one.

Synchronous distance learning

Synchronous, meaning ‘at the same time, is a type of distance learning that involves live lectures through the classroom, online chatting, or teleconferencing. It is the most suitable for degree courses of longer-term. Live classes are necessary for continual learning and avoiding distractions. It is also preferred for courses involving communication such as management, counseling psychology, nursing, education, and others.

Asynchronous distance learning

Being one of the most popular distance learning programs, asynchronous means ‘not at the same time. It allows students to learn at their own pace and provides flexibility in time. Though there are strict deadlines to complete the work, students get a fair time to learn. These types of courses involve plenty of projects and assignments for regular practice. It drives students to be self-conscious and responsible. They can also chat with their peers or take help from them through online chat forums. They can also network with great people in their field and learn from them. The trend of sell online courses from your own website is growing rapidly that support asynchronous learning where students can access courses anywhere at any time.

Hybrid distance learning programs

As the name says, hybrid distance learning programs combine synchronous and asynchronous learning. It is a structure where learners have to meet virtually for class at a scheduled time and also complete their assignments within deadlines. These courses are popular in institutions that lack sufficient space to accommodate all program course loads. But it also has its own advantages like course flexibility, time management, and enough projects to gain knowledge.

Electronic learning

Also known as e-Learning, it is one of the most popular distance learning. Learners can access course materials through applications, DVDs, and CDs on their computers. Basically, it is teaching done with the help of electronic resources. All you need for learning is a computer or laptop, and a stable internet connection.

Why is distance learning important for everyone?

Distance learning provides opportunities to develop your professional, educational, as well as your personal aspects. You cannot get your dream job without the right skill set and, indeed, colleges don’t teach everything. But, with distance learning, millions of students have found their dream careers. No matter in which country you are, you can always apply for distance learning programs in some of the great institutions. You can take your career to great heights with e-Learning, only if you are passionate about attaining knowledge.