What are the best skateboard wheels for street skating

Everyone has a hobby. Whether outside or inside the house, we always have something to consume our leisure time. And like most physically active teens and adults, skateboarding is never off the checklist.

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Since the village roads are your favorite place to skate, having the best skateboard wheels for the road is ideal. Here are a few things you need to observe before customizing your skateboard with road wheels.

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Best skateboard wheels for street rating

1. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheel

For an adult skater, the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheel is one of my favorite wheels for its size. The wheels of this skateboard have a diameter of 52 mm, which is big enough for me so I can easily turn around on the road.

The Spitfire comes with a 99a durometer hardness rating, which provided adequate speed on all of my rides. These are versatile functions as they can traverse small ramps, parks, and other smooth surfaces. This means they can adapt to different situations without making me uncomfortable.

I think this set of wheels is one of the coolest rollers I’ve ever had. I put them on the street, passed them a few times, but never heard any annoying noises. I ride on asphalt a lot when I go on rough surfaces, but the wheels of these skates are always silent.

2. Ricta Skateboard Wheel, Clouds 78a

One of my greatest things about the Rita Clouds 78a skateboard wheel is its controllability. These rollers can be driven by me without much effort. Also, as a beginner, I think these might be the best skate wheels for on-road practice.

Road cracks have always been my enemy, no matter what roller I use. But because of the softness of the Ricta wheel’s 78a moisture meter, I think I have an extra mold of problems on the road. In addition, they work quietly. That way, I can get a steady and smooth ride.

One thing I like about these rollers is their grip. Street skate wheel brands don’t usually specialize in grip, but this aspect is relevant to me.

3. Bigfoot Skateboard Wheel

Bigfoot skateboard wheels make it easy for me to climb rough surfaces. These 83a rollers have the right balance stiffness making them suitable for almost any skating surface, including roads. And as filmmakers, we’ve always liked the brand because it’s smooth and flexible on the go.

These wheels are not only slippery, but they also spin quickly. Each roller carries a hard plastic core responsible for bearing alignment. And with precise bearing alignment, it delivers fast and stiff movement to the wheels. In addition, I think this aspect also helps with the stability of my skateboard and my rides.

For a 53mm wheel, I’m happy these wheels get through gravel and road cracks with ease. In addition, they work anywhere without much noise. Unlike some of the noisy and wobbly wheel brands I’ve tried, these are quiet and agile at the same time.

4. Wheels and bearings of Frieder skateboard

In terms of stiffness, the wheels and bearings of the Frieder skateboard are several times higher than the road rollers. Comes with a durometer 90a, I think these rollers are suitable for street skateboarding. PU material makes the bike durable and stable enough for a safe ride.

Seeing the bearings already installed on the wheels seemed like a last resort to me. This means I can save time, effort, and some money by purchasing these parts separately. Also, I can be more confident about the wheel alignment because the bearings are 100% suitable for the rollers.

I don’t often go downhill, but Frieder Wheels never let me down on a trajectory like this. The rollers have a rough edge, they stay stationary and I don’t feel like I’ve been thrown off the board. I think these wheels can also act as cruiser wheels.

5. Spitfire Formula Four 99D Skateboard Wheels

A unique feature of the Spitfire Formula Four 99D skateboard wheel is its riding surface. Unlike other brands that aim to preserve these parts, Spitfire wheels make them wear out faster. This aspect makes the roller perfect for advanced skateboarding, where the techniques become more technical and less frictional.

One thing I like about these Spitfire wheels is their patent pellet size. This makes the wheel more responsive and even lighter. So these rollers are not only perfect for street skating but also light to handle.

I like these wheels because they are smooth and spin quickly. With 99D hardness, these rollers never get stuck in the ground. Plus, they have enough bounce, so they don’t feel like cheap plastic. 

Most of the wheels I use are around 50mm to 52mm in size. Other skaters accidentally use larger wheels when skateboarding, but are less likely to get good results. As a rule, small wheels are a perfect ride on the road. They tend to scroll faster and are more comfortable to control.

Any skateboard wheel is best for the road

Ask most skaters and wart fans what wheels they use and you won’t miss the Spitfire and the skeleton wheelset among their favorites. The bone wheel uses a skate park formula that improves the urethane quality of the roller. In addition, these rollers have a high rebound feature, which makes them roll faster.

Spitfire wheels, on the other hand, are more responsive due to their patented tablet size. The rollers of this brand are also suitable for advanced skateboarding due to their Formula Four technology.

What wheel size is best for street skating?

Since skateboard wheel stiffness is such an important factor in off-road skateboarding, the durometer 99a roller is the perfect alternative. At this level of stiffness, the wheel feels more compact and grips well on smooth surfaces. In addition, they move faster with less rolling resistance.

Are soft wheels good for street skating?

Soft cruiser wheels work on the road, like the street skid wheels used on cruisers. However, none of these settings will optimize your skateboard’s performance. Skateboard wheels will continue to spin on any surface, but using them in the wrong environment will often affect your ride. So soft wheels can be good for some road trips, but not just with wheels.


A skater’s dream is to climb the streets, skate parks, and many other skate locations. And to achieve these, we need to focus on the tools we use.

Get the best skate wheel for street riding and turn the street into your new favorite ice rink. Remember the tips I share with you, and you’ll find the best tip for your board.

Enjoy a new journey in street skating. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer.

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