What are the advantages of using a ThinkPad Laptop?


The ThinkPad series of Lenovo laptops are popular worldwide due to a number of obvious reasons. Being the world-largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo has equipped the ThinkPad laptops with a plethora of avant-garde features. ThinkPad laptops are used by business professionals around the globe to smoothly cope with business computing tasks.

Due to their reliable performance, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) also use Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. All these factors about Lenovo ThinkPad laptops must have urged you to know why the ThinkPad series is an enormous success? To know the answer, keep on reading the article below.

Advantages of Lenovo Thinkpads

Following are the tempting reasons to buy a Lenovo ThinkPad:

Exceptional Keyboard

One of the fundamental reasons behind the popularity of the ThinkPad lineup of Lenovo laptops is their excellent keyboards. The keyboards of Thinkpads are well-designed to offer you a seamless typing experience. If you are a writer and want to have precise and efficient writing sessions, a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop can best cater to your needs.

In addition to this, the well-built keyboards of these laptops also come in handy while playing games. The ergonomics of ThinkPad’s keyboards allow you to correctly kill your enemy in the shooting games, all thanks to their decent keys travel distance.  


Another appealing feature of Lenovo laptops is the presence of ‘TrackPoint’, which is a red and dotted rubbery structure nestled in between the keys of the keyboard. TrackPoint assists you in controlling your laptop. It helps you to quickly switch between typing and moving the cursor, hence making your typing sessions quite effortless and efficient. 

To use TrackPoint, you need to firmly press it and wobble your finger around in the direction of your choice. TrackPoint is extremely sensitive and just a little press over it in the direction where you want it to go lands the cursor to your area of choice on the screen.

Simple Design 

Basic yet elegant design is one the crucial Unique Selling Points (USPs) of Lenovo ThinkPad series. The company – Lenovo puts its more focus on enriching the ThinkPad range of laptops with various impressive features rather than just styling the workstation. 

A typical Lenovo ThinkPad laptop features an ultra-slim and lightweight chassis, making it portable enough to carry anywhere around the world. The sleek design of the laptop is further complemented by its spill-proof and water-resistant keyboard and touchpad. 

Excellent Battery Life

Lenovo ThinkPad workstations come packed with powerful batteries to keep the laptop alive for around 13 to 19 hours. A long-lasting battery life is what makes a typical ThinkPad laptop to easily last at least half a day on continuous usage. To get exceptional battery life and that too in a compact size body of a laptop was virtually unheard off. However, Lenovo Thinkpads made it possible.

On the other hand, Lenovo also doesn’t forget to inculcate its well-known business laptop series – ThinkPad with the Rapid Fast Charging. This technology is well-aligned to recharge your laptop to 80% with just 1 hour of charging. 

Security Features

Lenovo ThinkPad series of Lenovo laptops comes with several top-of-the-line security features. The latest addition is a screen privacy feature known as PrivacyGuard, which can alert you whenever someone is spying at your ThinkPad’s screen over your shoulder. While being a physical camera cover, ThinkShutter can protect your privacy by hiding your webcam. 

Moreover, the Match-on-Chip fingerprint reader present in Lenovo Thinkpads store biometric credentials on a separate chip, making it almost impossible for hackers to get into the laptop. ThinkShield also offers various other impressive features including remote device lock, disable device option for lost or stolen devices, and industry-leading anti-malware security. 

Abundant Connectivity Options

As the technology is evolving, Lenovo keeps on upgrading its series with various connectivity features to elevate the user experience of its consumers. Connectivity options matter a lot in a laptop if you want to enjoy all the perks of modern technology. Like to enjoy blazing-fast Internet speeds, your PC should have a WiFi (802.11 AX) port and thankfully the latest ThinkPads come with it. 

While Lenovo presents an HDMI port in its ThinkPad models to let you transport a high bandwidth of data using a single cable. The data may include video, audio, Ethernet, and 3D graphics. In addition, you all get MicroSD card reader, USB 3.0, and RJ45 port in these Lenovo laptops. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga present the most advanced connectivity options so far. 

Enduring Quality 

The ThinkPad series of Lenovo laptops is specifically popular for their durable and future-proof chassis. The rugged design of Lenovo Thinkpads allows them to withstand most of the physical shocks, usually caused by dumps and drops. While many ThinkPad laptops bring a metal case inside to protect the inner components of the machine. The case also secures the Lenovo machine from bending over.

While the spill-resistant keyboard of Lenovo ThinkPad makes it still work even if you spill water on it. However, it is pertinent to mention here that these Keyboards are ‘spill-resistant’, not ‘spill-proof’. Hence, you can’t submerge your portable Lenovo computer into the water and expect it to still work. 

Easy Repairing and Spare Parts Availability

One of the main perks associated with owning a Lenovo ThinkPad is the easy availability of its spare parts. Being in the business for more than three decades, Lenovo always ensures that spare parts of its products are readily available on the market. First launched in 1992, the ThinkPad series of Lenovo laptops holds the same legacy. You can order spare parts for your ThinkPad through the official Lenovo website or even many other online stores that sell its parts.

Furthermore, ThinkPads are quite easy to repair. Unlike most laptops, many core components in Lenovo ThinkPads are not glued or soldered into the motherboard, making them easily repairable. For example, if you want to replace the HDD with an SSD, you can do it by yourself. And in case you have broken the case of your ThinkPad, you can easily install the new one.


How many years can a ThinkPad last?

Most of the Lenovo laptops from the ThinkPad series can easily last about 7-10 years. It can even last more years if you use your ThinkPad with care and perform due maintenance on time. Lenovo laptops come with US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G standard which ensures the ThinkPad strikes a perfect balance of value and durability.

What are the disadvantages of ThinkPad? 

There are a few disadvantages associated with Lenovo ThinkPad models. Being affordable business laptops, Thinkpads come with a very basic design. And if you are a person who is color-obsessed, you may be disappointed with a ThinkPad machine. Another drawback of this series of Lenovo laptops is their low-resolution displays. 

Why are Thinkpads best for business purposes?

There are multiple reasons behind the worldwide popularity of Lenovo ThinkPads as the best business laptops. These include the presence of the smooth keyboard, robust build quality, and ultra-security features in these business-friendly laptops by Lenovo

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