What Are Snapchat Streaks?

Snapchat is an application that is very popular among the youth all across the globe as this application introduces a very wonderful feature that was new to the whole world. This particular app allows you to share and send pics and videos with your friends and has allowed you to create streaks but you may wonder what are Streaks so, we are going to give you complete information about the most attractive feature of Snapchat.

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What Is A Snapchat Streak?

A streak on Snapchat refers to the number of days you and your friend have sent a snap to each other without missing a single day in between. You have to continuously send snaps to each other which will increase the number of days of the exchange and also increase your streak.

How Do You Recognize A Streak?

Now, if you are thinking about how streaks work on Snapchat then, it is very easy to know that. You will see the number of days you and your Snapchat friend have exchanged snaps just beside your friends’ names in the conversation tab along with a flame emoji. It is important to know that only you and your friend will see this streak count and no one else. You can create different streaks with different people with your one single Snapchat account.

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Why Are Streaks So Popular Among the Youth?

After you have known how to get streaks on Snapchat you may think that why are so many interested in creating streaks. Streaks give young people a sense of competition these days and also establish a friendship that is very strong and this is why many young people are interested in making streaks. Streaks can also show that you have a very close relationship with some people.

So, now you know why streaks are very popular and why this feature has made Snapchat a very famous app.

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