Vivo Y16 A Competent Gaming Phone In The Lower Mid-Price Range.

The rising demand and expectations of consumers regarding the smartphone’s specs, look, and performance put tremendous pressure on smartphone brands and manufacturers to be the first 

ones to grant their every wish possible.

So, is just dropping a handset with great specs and features in the market enough? The answer is NO. 

Brands got to concern themselves with the price the handset will launch within the market too. Because according to research and records, only a smartphone with satisfying features and a consumer-friendly price range proves successful.

Let’s talk about a smartphone that can be considered a success as it ticks all the feature boxes associated with a successful device elaborated above.

How Is Vivo Y16 A Success?

The Vivo y16 price in Pakistan is “49,999” PKR, the company’s first lower mid-range “budget handset.” At that, Vivo did a remarkable job upgrading several features that can be considered premium for a budget smartphone, ultimately making the consumers of Vivo smartphone manufacturers fall even more for their smartphones.

Smear-Proof Body:

First, the smartphone’s look is gorgeous, not to mention the back of the device has that beautiful sparkling matte, shiny finish. The device’s body is slim, and it is lightweight. So, all these elements make the device look appealing and boost the hand feel. Making it difficult for your friends and family challenging to fight the urge to praise your Vivo Y16.

The most attractive part of the body is the resistance that the device offers to smudges, grease, and fingerprints, apart from its great looks and hand feel because we have not even got this much-needed feature in some high-end smartphones.

Y16 has a 6.51-inch IPS LCD supporting 720p HD+ full-view display and offers quite a delightful streaming experience. But in bright lighting or outdoors, the show gets noticeably dark, making it difficult to enjoy watching the videos. Otherwise, Vivo left nothing to complain about the display of the mobile.

Gaming-Optimized Operating System:

Apart from an octa-core processor with 2.3 GHz, ample RAM, and internal storage support, the Vivo Y16 has an additional Multi-Turbo 5.5 gaming mode that boosts the smartphone’s games. This means no annoying notifications will pop on your screen during game time.

Optimized Gaming Mode also mutes incoming calls, so you can call them later when you have completed your mission in the game for you to have a more immersive and focused gaming experience. According to the official feature list on Pricehut, the processor of the budget-friendly Y16 allows gameplay on medium settings for at least 6-7 hours.

Splendid Battery And Camera:

The 5000mAh battery installed in Y16 is sufficient for about two days if you are a non-gamer and instead love scrolling social media apps and streaming video and audio content.

Even for gamers, the battery is enough to settle their addiction all they want with hours-long immersive gaming sessions.

Vivo is back in the game with another impressive 13MP rare camera supported by a 2MP macro camera that captures some stunning shots even in decent lighting. So, to shoot pictures containing well-managed depths and details, you no longer require bright settings with Vivo Y16.

Pictures do not get grainy and dull even if zoomed in.

On the other hand, the 5MP front camera loses some natural color in selfies, not so much that a bit of editing can’t fix it.

Final Verdict:

Vivo leaves very little to complain about apart from time to time; there is some noticeable lag in the general smartphone’s performance but not enough to affect your general usage. With considerably good features and specifications, the Vivo mobile phone model Y16 is only priced at 28,999 PKR. At this affordable cost, Vivo Y16 is one of the most affordable budget smartphones available in the market

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