Understanding the MoUSO Core Worker Process and How to Manage It

Understanding the MoUSO Core Worker Process

The MoUSO Core Worker Process is a process that operates on your computer. This process is responsible to operate updates for the Windows operating system. This process used a large amount of your computer’s resources because this process is run in the background of the system. High usage of data, leads to slow performance and high disk or CPU usage that may harm the working of the computer. There are some options you can do to try and stop the MoUSO Core Worker Process. Some processes work in the computer to slow down the process of MoUSO and stop it from using too many resources. 

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Would it be safe to disable the MoUSO Core Worker Process?

It is possible to kill the MoUSO Core Worker Process when it causes some problems in the computer. The best option is to kill the MoUSO to decrease the high usage of CPU or disk usage on your computer. If you want to kill this process, just open the Task Manager in your start menu. The other method is to press CTRL+ALT+DEL. In the task manager, locate the process in the Processes tab, right-click it, and select “End Process”. 

When the process of killing is complete, to make sure that the MoUSO is killed safely or not, the online method is available. By using the online method, you can check to see if other users are reporting similar issues. After killing this process, just note that some programs stop working or have some problems when processing them if MoUSO Core Worker Process stops working. Always make sure that this process is killed when it causes some problems in the system. 

How do I turn off the MoUSO Core Worker Process?

When you know about the details of the MoUSO core worker process, it is your choice whether you want to deactivate or be processed as usual. Its main problem is data usage and overheating of the device. 

If you want to deactivate this process, always follow these steps to reach your goal: 

  • First of all, just hold the Windows + R key together and type services. msc in the Run window. 
  • Then press the Enter key and start the Services app. 
  • Update Orchestrator Service is continued in the process, then right-click on the service and press the Stop key. 
  • Now, double-click on the Update Orchestrator Service to continue the process and select Properties. This step turns to the startup of the process. 
  • Then choose the specific Startup type to Disable this process and reboot your system. 

Tips to fix high disk/CPU usage by MoUSO Core Worker Process

The most common question that the users can find about the issue is how they can fix the high disk/CPU usage issue of the MoUSO core worker process. The best answer I have to share with you all which that you can use some tips to recover your problems in the system. The best option you can try is to restart your PC or check your PC if Windows has any pending updates or uninstall unwanted programs. These are some simple tips; you can try before using the professional solution. If no tip is useful for removing the problem from your PC, you can try the best solution to the problem. The solution should be like this: 

  1. Verify your process if you have to use a genuine process by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Escto to open Task Manager> right-clicking on the process and choosing Properties> find “Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved” on the Details tab, check next to Copyright. 
  2. End the MoUSO core worker process by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Escto to open Task Manager> right-clicking on the process and choosing End Task> and restarting your computer. 
  3. Try the Windows Update Troubleshooter by pressing Windows+ I to open Settings> selecting Troubleshoot from the System> choosing other troubleshooters>. After this, click on Run next to Windows Update and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  4. Disable Delivery Optimization by pressing Windows + I to get Settings> going to Windows Update and choosing Advanced options> tapping on Delivery Optimization under Additional options, and turning off the toggle next to Allow downloads for other PCs. 
  5. Disable & Restart Services by pressing Windows+ R to open the Run window> typing services.msc and press Enter to open Services> finding Windows Update and right-clicking on that> selecting Restart> searching Update Orchestrator Service, and double-clicking it> choosing Disabled from the drop-down next to the Startup type> and selecting Apply and OK. 
  6. Reset Power settings by clicking on the Windows key and typing PowerShell> now choose Run as administrator> copy and paste the following command like “powercfg -restore default schemes” and wait for the end of this process, then restart your PC. 


In conclusion, the MoUSO Core Worker Process is responsible for updating the Windows operating system, but it can cause high disk/CPU usage and slow down the computer’s performance. Users can choose to disable or stop the process if it causes problems. Simple tips like restarting the PC, checking for updates, and uninstalling unwanted programs can fix the issue. Alternatively, users can try professional solutions like disabling Delivery Optimization or resetting Power settings. However, it is important to note that stopping the process may affect some programs on the computer.