Types of Painting Techniques.

Painting is an art that anyone can do in their way. From toddlers to adults, it is a satisfying activity to perform. You can do it in many forms and many places.

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Everyone enjoys splashing colors on different objects. You also can do that on digital media. There are many platforms available today.

Various tools can help you paint like a pro, such as rollers, 440 repacking kits, Paintbrushes, etc. Kids can use small brushes and paint palettes to spend their time alone. It is the best way to overcome boredom.

If you are unaware of the painting techniques available today, the article is what you should read. You can find a style that is suitable for your needs.

Let’s start with some of the painting techniques!

1.     Pastel Painting

It is a form of dry painting. People who don’t want to waste their time drying their paintings can go with pastel painting. They have chalk embedded into them.

They are also water-soluble and fragile. You can also draw with a pastel stick. You can use these on canvases so that exploring colors and art is easier.

2.   Oil Painting

Oil painting is difficult to do for the people who have just started. You can not use it alone as it needs a drying oil with it. This form of painting started getting leads in the fifteenth century. Some of the drying oils are as the following:

·         Poppyseed oil

·         Walnut oil, etc.

3.   Ink Painting

Ink painting is a unique form of painting and uses pigmented liquids for ink paints. It is the best form to make illusions. It has a rich texture and looks mesmerizing.

It got more famous during the Tang Dynasty. Use it more so that it creates more hype as this artwork is different.

4.   Acrylic Painting

You use acrylic paints while doing the acrylic painting. Its essential feature is that it drys out fast and, washing off the brushes is much easier. Some of its features are as the following:

·         It is water-soluble.

·         It is water-resistant.

·         You can use it for molding.

·         You can also use it for sculpturing.

5.    Water Painting

Water painting is the most favorite form of painting as youngsters love it. You will need water-resistant paper to do water painting. You can create a dreamy look by water painting.

You have to successfully blend water and paint on the paper to give it a realistic look. You can use watercolor pencils and palettes to do water painting.

6.   Gouache Painting

It has chalk into it and is similar to water painting and acrylic painting techniques. You have to seal the painting after you finish painting.

7.    Encaustic Painting

You can do encaustic of painting on woods and canvases. You can use the heat guns to make the paintwork better. If you want proper dimensions, encaustic painting is your technique.

8.   Digital Painting

As much as you love to do painting physically, there are also digital lovers. For these digital lovers, there is digital painting available.

You can simply sit on a computer and create a painting. In digital painting, you don’t have to worry about drying it out or ruining it by spilling water.

9.   Graffiti Painting

If you want to paint or do artwork on the building, the graffiti painting technique is what you should consider. This type of painting has no meaning as it is done in any way for it to look unique and beautiful.

There are no rules in Graffiti painting and, It began in 1967 with a student. It is a place for you to show your talents.

10.                      Matte Painting

If you are a landscape lover, you should try out matte painting. You can also use it in the film making. You can make various types of painting with it, such as creating a magical fairytale or a horror world.

11.Sand Painting

It is not a permanent type of painting. You can make fascinating videos while doing sand painting as it is temporary. You should have to capture your art as soon as possible. You can make it with your hands using colorful sands.

12.                       Spray Painting

It is the easiest technique of painting, as you will a spray bottle and paint to do it. You can use it on various surfaces, such as the following:

·         Ceramic

·         Wood

·         Graffiti, etc.

Conclusion: Types of Painting Techniques

Although there are many other painting techniques available,  the above techniques are the most common in today’s world. You can use these to spend quality time as it is not only entertaining but also artistic.

You need to be careful while painting, as a small mistake can ruin it. This article will help you guide the best twelve painting techniques.

Best of luck!