Top 10 Electronic Components Manufacturers in India


In this digital age, the demand for electrical and electronic components is skyrocketing. Almost every device today works on an electronic or electric circuit depending on its industrial application. 

Most electronic and electric component manufacturers rely on precision metal stampings to create custom electronic components that fit the design. A component that has a poor alignment to design can cause the circuit to malfunction and render the device useless. Therefore, precision is of utmost importance while manufacturing these products. 

Choosing the right electronic and electrical component manufacturer that uses cutting-edge, cost-effective manufacturing processes like progressive metal stamping is important. Here we list ten manufacturers in India known for their quality products and field expertise.  

  1. Eigen Engineering

Eigen Engineering is headquartered in Bangalore, India. They specialize in producing precision metal stamped electronic components like connectors, capacitors, switches, relays, and much more. All of the products are custom designed to suit the application. 

  1. Citizen Alloys

Citizen Alloys has headquarters in Gujarat, India. They have exported their electronic components to more than 40 countries. They specialize in manufacturing copper-based components like copper bus bars, copper wires, copper components, copper washers, etc., that are crucial for building electric or electronic equipment. 

  1. Cosmic Devices

Cosmis devices were established in 1990. They use various metal stamping techniques to produce electronic and electrical components to meet the design requirements. 

  1. Bajaj Electricals (BEL)

Bajaj Electricals Limited is a part of the renowned “Bajaj Group”. It is one of the leading manufacturers of various consumer electronics in India. 

  1. Watts Electronics Pvt Ltd

Watts electronics Pvt. Ltd has headquarters in Kochi, India. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of various types of resistors. Some of their well-known products are high-quality resistors like Metal Film, Carbon Film, Metal Oxide, and Wire Wound resistors. 

  1. . Deki Electronics Ltd

Dei Electronics has headquarters in New Delhi, India. It has a technical collaboration with the Japanese company Okaya. The production capacity of this electric component manufacturing company is approximately 862 million pieces. It is known for its high-quality capacitors, custom-built for commercial and industrial use. 

  1. Keltron Component Complex Ltd

Keltron Component complex has a technical collaboration with M/s Sprague Electromag, Belgium. It is one of the most renowned electronic component manufacturing companies in India and specializes in a wide range of capacitors and resistors.

  1. Nitiraj Engineers Ltd.

Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. was established in 1989. It is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic components for electronic weighing scales and digital fare meters. 

  1. APLAB Limited

APLAB limited was incorporated in 1962. It is a prominent name in the global market and offers electronic products that meet international quality standards. 

  1. Centum Electronics

Centum Electronics has headquarters in Bengaluru, India. It is an industry partner with DRDO labs and produces microelectronics components that are lightweight and meet all quality standards

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