The US’s Motive in the Ukraine War

The Ukrainian military has gone on “full combat alert” against a Russian invasion, and the bombing and shelling of cities have shattered a city by city. Despite Zelenskyy’s desire to stop the killing of Ukrainians, Russia’s prime objective in Ukraine has not changed. It is to destabilize the country and force Ukrainians to leave. Yet, what is the US’s real motive in all this?

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Ukrainian military on “full combat alert” against a possible Russian invasion

Ukraine’s acting president announced Wednesday that the country’s military is on “full combat alert” against rumors of a Russian invasion. The warning came after pro-Russian separatists took over state buildings in the eastern Ukraine city of Horlivka. A heavily armed mob also took over a police station in the eastern city of Lugansk. The Ukrainian military has been on high alert since the pro-Russian rebels took control of the Horlivka city council building.

Russian bombing and shelling have pummeled Ukrainian cities

In the past few days, the Russian military has been advancing from the eastern Ukraine region of the Donbas towards Ukraine’s eastern cities, including Kiev, Luhansk, and Kramatorsk. In 2014, the Russian-backed separatists took control of the region, which borders Russia. In recent days, the Russians have shelled and bombarded many Ukrainian cities, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Zelenskyy’s desire to end the killing of Ukrainians

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s refusal to flee during the Russian invasion of Ukraine has earned him the title of the legend. The former comedian pushed his country to fight back against Russia and became a household name. The aspiring politician’s desire to end the killing of Ukrainians has inspired many in his country to do the same. However, his willingness to compromise with Russia has made him politically vulnerable.

Russia’s prime objective in Ukraine hasn’t changed

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become one of the most consequential political events of the past decade, despite its unprovoked nature and alleged contradictions with Russia’s strategic interests. In addition, a widely predicted Russian victory has not materialized. Indeed, Ukrainian fighters have repeatedly fended off an overwhelming Russian force, sparking an extraordinary response from the global community. While the nature of the war is unclear, the long-standing relationship between Russia and Ukraine is indicative of a broader trend.

China’s contradictory stance offers it the best chance of protecting Chinese interests

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has told the U.S. that China will help Ukraine with humanitarian assistance, and he has spoken to a delegation of Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, about China’s willingness to support the Ukrainian government and protect its citizens. In a video interview with the Global Times, Zhao also criticizes the United States and NATO for supporting sanctions against Russia.

Biden makes secret visit to Ukraine

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is wrapping up a four-day tour of Europe. While President Obama and Secretary of State Antony Blin ken have been in Ukraine, Biden and his wife, Jill, haven’t. However, the Secretary of State has visited the country and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has accompanied Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Ukraine. Speaker Pelosi said in a statement that Biden’s visit to Ukraine will not affect the country’s ties with NATO.