Strengths and weaknesses of online education.

The term online education was not popular a few years back. But due to covid-19 a lot of things became a new normal just like online education.

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Due to prolonged covid-19 and its restrictions, nobody was allowed to go out. And all the schools, colleges and universities were also closed. 

To make the situation normal and help the children learn from home, the concept of online education was introduced. Online education was the only learning platform left and due to advancement in technology digital learning emerged as a savior in tough times of covid-19.

It was not only applicable to academic learning but the religious learning and extracurricular activities were also conducted online. 

The Quran Tajweed online and religious online classes were conducted from home to continue the process of learning at the same pace. No doubt online learning came as a blessing in disguise, but along with many benefits, it has some drawbacks. 

Like all other teaching methods, it has some positive points and some negative points simultaneously. And we have to manage with both in the best possible ways. 

In this article, we will highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of online education. 

Strengths of online education

Online education is adopted as a learning method because of its positive aspects. Although there are some negative aspects somehow, the positive aspects are still above them. 

ยท         Increased flexibility 

Online education has no boundary of space and time. You do not have to reach your school building for attending an online class, as you can attend it while sitting at your home. 

Online education is the most flexible teaching method because it is up to you to when, how, and where you want to study. But you usually do not have such options when you are taking physical classes. 

There are fewer burdens of workload and reaching at the school on time. It is more flexible for students who are working along with their studies. They can manage their job with online education as compared to physical classes and exams.

  • More affordable

When you are taking physical classes, you have so many places to spend money. Some of your dollars are spent on transport and others at the cafeteria. But when it comes to online education, there are no such financial bullets. 

In online education, you only have to give your annual fee and there are no transport charges or any other stuff. So, when compared, it is a comparatively less costly and more budget-friendly source of learning.

  • Efficiency

Online education has efficient for both the students and teachers because of the number of tools available for delivering lectures. In online education, teachers can use multiple ways like videos, podcasts, PDFS presentation lectures to teach their students. 

On the other hand, if any student is not available for the class due to any emergency, they can get the recorded lectures, videos, and podcasts to overcome the loss.

Also, the teachers are relaxed as they can use videos and other ways to deliver their lectures, with efficiency.

Weaknesses of online education

When there are o many benefits and perks of online education, there are some hurdles in their way, and they come in different forms. Some of them include

  • Inability to focus

In online education, there is no chance that your teacher will ask you to come and back and leave your thoughts once you zone out during the lecture. And it is the reason behind the weakness of online education. 

When you are using technology like a laptop or mobile phone, it becomes really difficult to keep your focus on the screen. Sometimes you zone out, and sometimes you start scrolling other apps on your computer or mobile phone.

Your focus gets diverted, and the purpose of learning fails.

  • Sense of Isolation

When students learn in a physical class, they learn from being in the company of their class fellows. There is a social interaction between students and children who are shy also gets the chance to speak during discussions.

But in online education, the amount of social interaction is zero, and the student often feels a sense of isolation.

It is one of the biggest weaknesses of online education, and because of it, many students drop an online course and stuff because they feel left during the lectures.

  • Technology issues

In online education, the availability of the internet, computer, or laptop is a must. But all of these tools are a part of technology, and technology can have issues at any time. 

Due to bad weather or any other technical issue, the internet can go away, and at that time, it becomes hard to attend any online lectures. And when it comes to small towns, or cities a consistent internet connection with no problem is like a dream.

Your laptop can stop working at any time due to technical issues, and at that time, it becomes tough to get it resolved at the spot.

So, technology issues are the weakness of online education, and it has disturbed the continuity of learning and teaching.