Start-up Visa rules in Canada

Today, many students are eager to study in Canadian universities. They strive to fulfill the eligibility
criteria to acquire admission in top universities of the world. So, some people are eager to obtain Work
permit and settle in Canada. They want to commence a business unit in Canada and apply for
permanent residency. If you want to commence a business unit in Canada, then you should apply for the
Visa. You can obtain a startup Visa Canada to commence a business unit in Canada.

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You can apply for a
Visa through the Start-up program. The Canadian governments provide scope for the international
citizens to settle in Canada. You may be provided funds from Canadian venture capital fund also.

How to obtain a Visa for start-up?

If you are looking for a start-up Visa, then you should already have a business in your homeland and
should be earning enough. Then, you should obtain authorization from the organization and should
fulfill the eligibility criteria. Firstly, you should prove your linguistic proficiency and should be financially
competent enough to settle in Canada. You should fulfill the criteria prescribed by the Canadian
Language Benchmark. A citizen should be able to properly understand and communicate in English
language. So, the citizen should prove proficiency in reading, writing, communicating, and listening. The
Canadian government is willing to allow people from other countries to start a business in Canada and
learn a living. They should obtain a Start-up business class Visa to be permitted. If you want to obtain a
start-up Visa Canada, then you should obtain a start-up visa Canada.

Proving your competency

You should first mention your business Plan and select a name for your business. Then, to obtain finance
to start any business, you should choose the financial institutions that provide financial support. Then,
you should obtain a business license and apply for the HST or the GST number. Then, you should also
send your registration for sales tax considering the laws of the province.

Applying for the Visa in Canada

The Canadian government is inviting people from other countries who are innovative and can effectively
use their potentials to create business opportunities in Canada. The citizen should prove that he or she
is capable of providing services on a global level. The Canada Business Immigration is allowing
candidates who are capable of producing the best in Canada.

Your business should be qualifying and should meet the following requirements.

The applicants of the organization should be empowered with 10% voting rights to the shares. The
organization can have 5 or less than 5 owners. The organization and the applicants should jointly have
more than 50% voting rights.

Who should apply for Business Immigration?

You can apply for permanent residence in Canada if you are fulfilling the following conditions.

You should be actively involved in the managerial aspect of the organization and your products should
benefit many people in Canada. The business should be incorporated in Canada.

If you want to obtain a letter of support from the organizations, then you should provide a detailed
business plan and should prove that your business ideas are beneficial to the people in Canada. You
should also produce different financial statements from different banks to prove your financial
competency and your higher credit score. The Canada Business Immigration is supporting the people
from other countries who are innovative and can deliver the best results in their country.