Stardew Valley Egg Festival and Egg Hunt Details

There are many festival events in Stardew Valley, and each festival has different characteristics. Now I want to discuss the egg festival. During the egg festival, you can play the egg hunt game. If you win by collecting the most eggs If this is not the first time you have won the egg hunt game , then you can get a reward of 1000 gold coins . Here are the details of the stardew valley easter egg festival and stardew valley egg hunt activities , hope to help you To learn about egg festival and egg hunt activities, please visit to learn more about egg hunt stardew valley .

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1. Stardew Valley Eggs Festival

Eggfest is held every spring on the 13th at Pelican Town Square, the first festival of the year in the game , and players can arrive at Pelican Town Square between 9am and 2pm to attend the festival . The egg hunt is the main content of the egg hunt. You can work with other players or villagers to find hidden eggs around the Pelican Town area . When the mayor of Lewis calls out the name of the winner of the egg hunt , the egg festival It’s over. At 10pm, you will return to the farm.

2. Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

1. Egg hunt rules and rewards

If the player wants to participate in the egg hunt at the Egg Festival , they must first talk to Mayor Lewis, and then you and other villagers will begin to hunt for hidden eggs . You need to collect a certain number of eggs to win the game, which depends on the number of players . If playing single player, you need to collect nine easter eggs in 50 seconds or Abigail will win the egg hunt.

If you’re in an Egg Hunt with 2-3 other players in multiplayer , the eggs you collect will be different. To play with two players, you need to collect 6 eggs. To play with 3 players, you need to collect 5 eggs , and with 4 players , you must collect 4 eggs to win.

The winner of your first Egg Hunt will get a straw hat as a reward, and if you’re on your second Egg Hunt , you’ll get 1000 gold. In multiplayer games, all the winners get a reward.

2. Egg hunt egg location

The egg hunt starts from the center of the square. In order to help everyone collect more eggs faster, the following is the location of hidden eggs. If you are a single player, you must collect at least nine eggs.

1. An egg can be found near Harvey’s clinic .

2. There is an egg near the booth of Pierre’s store , it is recommended that everyone go to collect this egg at the end , because it is far from the square.

3. There is an egg next to a big tree on the west side of the main square .

4. An egg can be found near the trash can on the east side of 1 River Road .

5. There is an egg behind a large bush near Demetrius and Harvey .

6. There is an egg on the big tree near Sebastian.

7. On the south side of 1 Willow Lane, an egg can be found in the upper right corner.

8. An egg can be found near the bench next to the bushes in the southeastern part of the egg festival grounds .

9. At least four eggs can be found in the cemetery, one behind the tombstone, one behind the tree on the south side, one on the north side of the bush, and one on the west side.

10. An egg can be found while moving down the right alley at 2 Willow Lane South .

11. Eggs can also be found in the backyard of the Mayor Lewis estate on the southeast side .

12. Search behind Mayor Lewis’ truck, which is on the southeast side.

13. One egg can be found near the sewer entrance near the river bank, another egg can be found on the river bank near the sewer to the right .

Once you’ve found nine eggs in all of the above locations, Mayor Lewis will give you a reward, and once you’ve received the reward, the egg festival is over and you’ll be taken to the farm at 10pm.

The above is about the details of the stardew valley egg festival and egg hunt activities. I hope you can win rewards in the egg hunt activities. Egg hunt allows you to make new friends and chat with town villagers, providing you with some relaxing time. Don’t miss it. For more egg hunt stardew valley related articles, you can visit , which will continue here for everyone. Update the guide article of stardew valley, come and check it out!