Scraping a Premium Car Service Provider

My local scrapper had offered, 2200 kroner in scrap price for the car and I thought it was worth the time to give scrap bids a try.

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I filled out the form Sunday night and was called up by Camilla the next day. The best offer was 4000 kroner with free collection on top.

I said yes and got the car picked up the next day. The shredder got the paperwork done on an iPad and I got both money and a receipt on the spot.

I would definitely recommend giving premium Skrotpræmie metal a try. The whole process went smoothly and I also saved a good chunk on free pickup.

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How to get a higher scrap price for the car

Most car owners know that the state has fixed rates for scrap premiums. But few people know that car wreckers are often willing to give more for the car.

This is because car wreckers can often make money on in-demand spare parts or see a potential in repairing and reselling the car.

At we send your car for tender to our network of 50+ car wreckers. The increased competition often leads to a higher scrap price.

So why not get the highest scrap premium Skrotpræmie when your car needs to be scrapped? At we send your car for tender. It’s free and without obligation.

We have a network of scrapers throughout Denmark who offer your scrap car. Therefore, our users often get up to 40% more in scrap premium.

Avoid spending all day calling car wreckers. We get the best deals for free and have them ready for you within 24 hours.

Do as more than 2000+ happy car owners have already done. Use today and get the best scrap price when the car needs to be scrapped.

Once you have accepted an offer, the car wrecker creates a case on the car. You will be asked to log in to and accept the case.

You will receive payment after you have accepted the case. Most scrapers offer instant transfer, Mobile Pay or cash payment. You can either arrange pick-up of the car or deliver the car yourself. When the car arrives at the car wrecker, the vehicle and the insurance are deregistered.

You always receive a receipt from the car wrecker by email or text message. Always offers free advice, collection and deregistration.

How to get the highest price for your scrap car

Did you know that there is a lot of money to be made by choosing the right scraper for your scrap car? There can often be several thousand kroner in difference for what the various dealers will give in scrap premium for the scrapping. However, it is often a cumbersome process to contact several scrap dealers, and often you only get the minimum price for the scrap car.

With more than 40 scrap dealers in our database, we are ready to obtain the best offer for you. We are independent and do not run car scrapping ourselves, so our only interest is that you get the best possible price for your scrap car. Read our guide on how to get the most out of scrap premiums?

Scrap your car – we can do it practically!

Do you, like most other Danes, not bother to obtain offers from several scrapers? Or the hassle of handing over the license plates from your scrap car at the engine office? So let’s help.

When you obtain an offer through Best Skrotpriser , the offer is always inclusive of everything practical. This means that you do not get an extra bill for e.g. submission of the number plates to the engine office. We help;

  1. check Pickup of scrap car
  2. check Unsubscribe from the engine register
  3. check Submission of number plates

check Help to apply for scrapping allowance 

Our service is always free and you are not obliged to sell your scrap car. So get started right away and see what you can get for your used car. Read more about how it works.

Sustainable scrapping of your scrap car

Environmental treatment and scrapping of your scrap car must be done carefully so that it does not burden our nature. All our scrapers are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and are ISO14001 certified, which means that they must comply with a number of stricter requirements for scrapping cars. The requirements include;

Oil, petrol and other liquids are drained.

Batteries, mercury contacts, tires, pressure vessels etc. dismantled and sorted.

All parts are stored securely and for the greatest possible recycling of the car.

In addition, a number of spare parts are recycled, which you do not have to produce new ones. Furthermore, iron and other metals in the car are remelted so that they can be recycled. We call this sustainable scrapping.