Popular Hair Extensions Are Changing Your Life

Have you ever thought about doing hair extensions? Many women have thought about getting their hair at least once. Extensions are all the rage these days, but everyone has received mixed messages about the pros and cons. Of course, you don’t need extensions if you have long or voluminous hair. In addition to making hair look longer, extensions can add dimension to color, including highlights or gradients. So many people prefer to choose this chemical-free way instead of dyeing their hair.

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What is a hair extension?

Hair extension is connecting a wig or real hair at the ends of your hair to instantly change from short to long hair or make your hair look thicker. People with less hair will also go for hair extensions, but those with short hair who want to turn into long hair use them more. Hair extensions are more popular for many women and can be re-extensions or re-extensions.

There are mainly three popular hair extensions: adhesive hair extensions, button hair extensions, and braiding. These three methods have their strengths, among which the braiding technique is newer and more natural, and very short hair can also be attached. Although the whole hairstyle will appear large, it is a good thing for people who do not have three-dimensional fluffy hair.

Button hair extension refers to the hair extension technology that links the wig and your hair with metal or plastic rings. Other whistleblower techniques require professionals to extend the hair, but this hair extension only requires the call to be clamped with pliers, which saves a lot of time.

Bonding hair extensions is a hair extension method that melts the silicone and bonds the wig to your hair. Like button hair extensions or braided hair extensions, there will be a heavy foreign body feeling, and they are relatively unnatural. However, the technology is fairly portable, and cleaning management is more convenient.

Advantages of hair extensions

There are two most common ways to deal with less hair or hair loss, wearing wigs and hair extensions. Wearing a wig covers the finished wig directly on the hair, and hair extension is the technology of connecting the wig to one’s real hair. Both methods are the most commonly used methods for hair growth or increase in thickness.

Wigs are not only used to modify grooming thin hair or hair loss. Nowadays, many people try wigs of various colors and shape to express their individuality and fashion. Some women add volume to their hair with extensions, add more color to it without dyeing it, or completely change their appearance without waiting for hair to grow. Many girls sometimes attend important occasions and need different hairstyles to decorate themselves. At this time, we thought out hair extensions. Hair extensions are a common way in our lives to grow hair quickly.

There are several materials for hair extensions

synthetic hair

As the name suggests, this hair is made of plastic fibers and looks and feels like human hair. It’s more like doll hair, so it’s not the type of hair you want. The cost of synthetic hair extensions is very low.

non-Remy hair

The non-Remy wig is hair swept from the floor, often mixed with animal hair. This type of hair pad after the first wash. It’s low quality and cheap.

low-quality Remy hair

Remy’s wig is softer and shinier. Low-quality Remy hair is silicone coated and lasts 1 to 3 washes, while this type of hair won’t last long.

High-quality Remy hair

A high-quality Remy wig is human hair with an intact cuticle and is a good grade. 

Complete hair will keep the extension healthy and shiny. For the best Remy human hair, look for double pull or thicker hair.

Virgin Remy hair

Virgin Remy wig is the highest quality human hair. All are hand-picked and processed with different techniques to maintain high quality. It also makes it more expensive. The process begins with virgin hair from a healthy donor without being chemically treated. Hair is cut, styled, and naturally gently washed. The hair then goes through a long color bath for several days. The downside, of course, is that their investment costs are too high.

There are many different types of hair extensions and hair extensions available on the market, so it’s important to find the one that works best for you.

Some women add volume to their hair with extensions, add more color to it without dyeing it, or completely change their appearance without waiting for hair to grow. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful hair and a rich look? If your hair is short and you want to become a goddess with long hair. Your hair is less oily, and you don’t want to curl it to increase your hair volume. You can change the bangs at will and change all kinds of highlights at any time to make your back more attractive. The hair extension will not affect your growth, and It is not a dream that allows you to have Long hair and a waist.