Must-Have Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Your Foster Child

While autumn is an exciting time of year in terms of natural beauty, it also signals the return to the rainy season and cool temperatures. This means it’s time to transition wardrobes and pick pieces that offer warmth and comfort. So as you go through your foster child’s current wardrobe and take stock of what they have, now is the time to build your list of must-have autumn wardrobe essentials. To help keep you organised, here are some of the items you’ll want to be sure they have on hand. 

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A Mid-Weight Coat Can Act as a Transitional Item

Autumn can be tricky when it comes to outerwear as the temperature cools off in comparison to summer, but it hasn’t dipped to the lows of winter. A great solution can be a mid-weight jacket that is also water-resistant or waterproof. An alternate down jacket (synthetic down) can be a great solution, as they are incredibly lightweight, aren’t bulky and puffy, can be water resistant and windproof, and can be thrown in the washing machine – which is essential for kids who tend to get messy.

Depending on what your foster child wears under their mid-weight jacket, it may even be enough for most winter days. It will just depend on how cold it gets.

Kids’ Rubber Boots Will Keep Feet Dry and Comfortable

Another essential in autumn is good-quality, lined waterproof wellies/rubber boots. These do an excellent job of keeping kids’ feet dry and warm, allowing them to still splash around in puddles and walk through mud without a second thought. Today you’ll find a wide array of styles including different heights, colours and patterns so your foster child’s style can shine through. To ensure they get a good grip when walking, look for a pair that has deep grooves in the treads. 

Dressing In Layers Is a Simple Solution

There’s no better wardrobe tip for foster carers than to dress kids in layers. Layers allow your foster child to remove or add pieces as needed. Perhaps they feel chilly heading off to school early in the morning, but mid-day temperatures warm up and they can remove one layer. Cardigans and jumpers that can easily be removed and stowed in backpacks at school are convenient and smart.

Be sure to choose materials that are easy to wash, again recognising that kids will be kids and spills and stains are a reality.

Inspired to Become a Foster Carer?

If all this talk about fostering a child has inspired you to get involved and look into becoming a foster carer yourself, be sure to look into fostering agencies in your area. For those questioning how much do foster parents get paid, it varies but it does include an allowance to cover the things your foster child needs, plus access to discounts with stores like Asda and Boots, and special birthday and Christmas allowances for the child. As well, generally speaking, your fostering allowance is tax-free due to special tax rules for foster carers.

Simple Pieces That Pack a Punch

While these may seem like simple wardrobe pieces, they are the ones you can build an autumn wardrobe upon.