The Secret Formula to Get More Followers on Instagram Fast

As an aspiring influencer or business looking to build your brand on Instagram, gaining more followers quickly is key. However, in today’s oversaturated social media landscape, that is easier said than done. The secret formula to get more followers on Instagram fast comes down to three essential ingredients: high-quality content, engagement, and consistency. Post eye-catching photos and short videos that capture your audience’s attention and showcase your unique brand story. Engage with your current followers by liking and commenting on their posts, and replying to their comments on your posts. And finally, post consistently by sharing new content three or more times per week at the same time each day to stay top of mind. Combine these three elements, and your follower growth will skyrocket. The secret formula works, you just have to put in the effort. Your dream of Instagram fame and success is within reach if you master these fundamentals. Get ready to gain more followers and take your Instagram to the next level.

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Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Attract Followers

To attract more followers on Instagram, optimize your profile.

Choose an Engaging Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing people see about your account. Use a high-quality, close-up photo of your face or product. Smile and make eye contact with the camera to appear more approachable. buymalaysianfollowers

Pick an Username that Matches Your Brand

Your username is part of your brand on Instagram. Keep it consistent with your business or personal name. Use keywords in your industry to make you more searchable.

Write an Interesting Bio

Your bio is your chance to introduce yourself to new followers and share what they can expect from your account. Write 2-3 short sentences highlighting your brand, products, services or interests. Include a call-to-action like “DM for collabs” or “Shop the link in bio.”

Post Consistently

To gain and keep followers engaged, post new content regularly, ideally 1-2 times per day. Share a mix of photos, short videos, Stories, and IGTV. Use hashtags, geotags, and mentions to increase visibility. Engage with followers by liking and commenting on their posts too.

Hashtags help people find your posts. Do research to find popular hashtags in your industry and location. Use a mix of broad hashtags with millions of posts, medium hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts, and more specific hashtags with tens of thousands of posts. Include about 5-10 hashtags per post. With an optimized, active profile, consistent posting, and strategic use of hashtags, you’ll gain new, targeted followers in no time and be on your way to building a loyal Instagram community.

Post High-Quality, Engaging Content Regularly


To gain more followers on Instagram, you must post high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis. Consistency is key. Aim to post at least 1-3 times per day, every day. This could be a mix of photos, short videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV videos, and Instagram Live streams. Choose a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it. Your followers will come to expect new content at certain times and days, so try not to deviate too much from your schedule.

Focus on posting content that is visually appealing and sparks interest. Images and videos that feature bright colors, symmetry, minimalism or capture an interesting moment tend to gain more likes and comments. Likewise, thought-provoking or helpful captions also tend to resonate well. Ask open-ended questions to encourage follower engagement. Use relevant hashtags to make your content more discoverable. Include a mix of popular hashtags along with smaller, niche hashtags. For the best results, use a total of 5 to 10 hashtags per post. However, do not overtag your posts, as this can be seen as spammy.

Tag any brands, products or people featured in your posts. Not only does this provide credit, but it also exposes your content to their followers and increases the likelihood of engagement from them. In turn, their followers may discover your profile and choose to follow you. Interact with your followers by liking and commenting on their posts as well. Engage with anyone who comments on your posts by replying to them. Build a rapport and community with your followers. Your followers will appreciate your efforts and be more inclined to engage with and share your content.

Run Giveaways and Contests to Gain Followers


To gain more followers on Instagram, running giveaways and contests is an effective strategy. By offering enticing prizes related to your brand or niche, you can increase engagement and attract new followers.

Choose Relevant and Valuable Prizes

Select prizes that will resonate with your target audience and inspire them to participate. For example, if you have an eco-friendly brand, offer sustainable or recycled products as prizes. For a fitness account, you could give away workout gear, nutrition products or online personal training sessions. The more tailored the prizes are to your followers’ interests, the higher the participation and following boost will be.

Promote the Contest Thoroughly


Advertise your giveaway on Instagram and other social media platforms to maximize entries. Post about the contest multiple times, including the start and end dates, how to enter and what the prizes are. Ask your current followers to share the contest to increase visibility. You can also reach new potential followers by using relevant hashtags and tagging influencers in your niche.

Keep Entry Simple

The easier you make it for people to enter, the more participants you will gain. Requiring little more than a follow, like and comment will lead to the highest engagement. You can also ask entrants to tag a friend or share your post for bonus entries. Just be sure the entry methods directly relate to building your following.

Pick Winners Fairly

Once the contest closes, randomly select the winners and notify them promptly. Be transparent in your process for choosing winners to avoid controversy. Thank all entrants and announce the winners across your social platforms. Tag the winners in your posts and ask them to post about receiving their prizes to further boost visibility and social proof.

Running Instagram giveaways and contests, when done well, is an opportunity to gain dedicated and long-term followers. Keep your audience and goals in mind, promote actively, simplify entry and be fair in your selection of winners. With an enticing prize and some strategic promotion, you’ll gain new followers and increase engagement with your current fans.

Collaborate With Influencers and Other Accounts


To grow your Instagram following, collaborating with influencers and other accounts in your niche is one of the most effective strategies. Partnering with influencers allows you to tap into their existing audiences and gain exposure to new potential followers. There are a few ways to collaborate with other Instagram accounts:

Tag Them in Your Posts

When you post photos that are relevant to another account, tag them by using their Instagram handle. This notifies them that you mentioned them, and some may even repost your photo to their stories or feed, exposing you to their followers. Only tag accounts that are actually in your photo to avoid spamming.

Engage With Their Posts

Like, comment on, and engage with posts from influencers and accounts in your niche. Build a genuine connection by starting a conversation in the comments. If they see you engaging frequently, they may take notice of your account and start engaging back or even suggest collaborating on a post together to cross-promote to each other’s audiences.

Suggest a Shoutout

Message influencers and ask if they would be open to doing a shoutout for your account in exchange for you promoting them to your followers as well. Explain how it could be mutually beneficial. Start with influencers who have a similar number of followers as you before moving on to larger accounts. Offer to provide a suggested post or story they can share to make it easy for them.

Co-Create Content

Reach out to influencers and ask if they would be interested in collaborating on a piece of content together, like a video or blog post. Co-creating unique content is a great way to provide value to each other’s audiences and gain new followers. Come prepared with some ideas for content you could collaborate on. Offer to handle all the logistics for them to make it as easy as possible.

Host a Giveaway

Team up with a couple of influencers to host a giveaway for your collective followers. Ask followers to follow all the hosts’ accounts to enter. This incentivizes their followers to follow you, and your followers to follow them. Giveaways are an exciting way to gain a lot of new followers quickly from collaborating with influencers. Make the prizes compelling and promote the giveaway heavily on your accounts.

Collaborating with influencers and other niche accounts is a strategy that all brands and profiles can utilize to gain more followers on Instagram, regardless of industry or size. Building genuine connections and mutually beneficial partnerships with other accounts is key to executing collaboration strategies successfully. With time and consistency, collaborating with influencers can become a major driver of new followers for your Instagram profile.



You now have the keys to unlocking your Instagram growth and gaining more followers. Implement these proven strategies consistently and your follower count will start to climb. Share high-quality content that provides value, engage with your followers, use hashtags strategically, and post at optimal times. Collaborate with influencers and run contests to increase visibility. But most importantly, be authentic and let your unique personality shine through. Building an engaged following on Instagram takes time and dedication, yet with the right approach you’ll gain momentum and become an influencer in your own right. The secret formula is out – now it’s time to take action and achieve your Instagram goals. Success is within your reach if you stay determined and never stop improving your craft.