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kissAnime: If you’re looking to watch your favorite anime online, then you have a few options. Anime Stream, AnimeFrenzy, and Anime Planet are great sites to watch anime online. Animelab is a good choice as well. However, if you don’t have time to watch anime online, you can watch it on YouTube. This site also has a variety of different anime, as well as new releases.

Anime Stream

If you love watching anime, you might want to try KissAnime Anime Stream. Its user-friendly interface and a huge library of anime episodes make it an excellent alternative. But beware of a few things when using this service. It can be a bit slow at times and its videos can be buffered. If you’re a huge anime fan, you might not want to watch Anime Stream without ads.


There are many websites out there that provide anime streaming, but only a few of them are as reliable as AnimeFrenzy. These sites all have similar features, but KissAnime is far more user-friendly and offers a vast library of anime. While AnimeFrenzy is associated with free movies, KissAnime is a stable alternative. It has a large number of anime series and movies to watch and is a good place to watch anime online.

Anime Planet

If you’re a die-hard anime fan, you’ve probably heard of KissAnime, but you are wondering what it’s like to watch a free streaming anime video. It’s a good thing there are a number of good alternatives online, including Anime-Planet. This popular site lets you watch anime in high-quality videos without having to sign up for an account. Its user-friendly interface lets you search for what you’re looking for, and it’s video selection is categorized from A to Z. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even suggest videos that you’d like to see.


If you’re a die-hard anime fan, Animelab is the site for you. Its massive library of thousands of episodes features popular anime, as well as new releases. The service also has a number of supported devices, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Telstra TV, Apple TV, and Android phones. To access Animelab, users need a high-speed Internet connection. However, if you live outside of these countries, you can always use a VPN service to access the site and enjoy all the anime you want.


In the U.S., Funimation has been responsible for millions of pageviews a day of unauthorized anime streaming. However, the company is having some trouble with KissAnime’s CDN links. They’ve traced them back to DigitalOcean and asked them to remove any links to their content. This has resulted in the site’s IP address being banned. Funimation has also reported issues with piracy.

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