India’s Eternal Independence Day: Remembering Victims and Honouring Freedom

The events of August 15, 1947, will live on in the magnificent past of India. 200 years of British rule over India came to an end on this day. During the arduous and lengthy fight for our beloved motherland, many heroic soldiers and liberation fighters lost their lives.

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India observes its Independence Day on August 15 of each year. The auspicious day is, however, being commemorated as “76 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2023” this year. India observes Independence Day as a national holiday; in the past, it was known as Red Letter Day.

The year 2023’s Independence Day serves as a reminder of all the sacrifices our political dissidents made to free India from British control. On August 15, 1947, India was declared to be free of the British empire and transformed into the greatest democracy in the world, based on popular vote.

Outstanding Indian Liberation Warriors

India would not have attained independence if not for the courageous sacrifices of several devoted liberation fighters. The Rani of Jhansi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ram Prasad Bismil, and Ashfaqulla Khan are a few of the well-known individuals.

Women’s Contribution to India’s Independence

The Indian liberation struggle has seen important contributions from several women. Some important names to keep in mind are Savitribai Phule, Mahadevi Verma, Capt. Laxmi Sehgal, Rani Laxmibai, and Basanti Devi. These women, along with a large number of others, were instrumental in guiding India toward freedom.

We celebrate Indian Independence Day for what reasons?

India attained freedom following a 200-year battle. India gained complete independence from the British on August 15, 1947. Because of this, this day is important to every Indian, whether they live in India or abroad. On August 15, 2023, India will commemorate its 76th anniversary of independence with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. This day also serves as a reminder of the battles won by freedom fighters and the victims who gave their lives for the cause of independence.

The battle that our freedom warriors endured demonstrates to us that hundreds of people’s lives were sacrificed to achieve the freedom we take for granted today. It helps the present generation comprehend the difficulties of those who live nearby and familiarises them with India’s liberation warriors.

Importance of Independence Day

Independence Day is a significant national holiday because it commemorates the day we were freed from British rule. It brings together a variety of individuals around the country. India’s diversity within its oneness is its main route and strength. We are appreciative to be citizens of the biggest majority-rule country in the world and a democracy. Every Indian citizen should take the time to celebrate Independence Day. 

Activities on Independence Day

Independence Day should be observed by every Indian person. It acts as an ongoing memorial to the valiant independence fighters who devoted their lives in the battle to remove British rule from our nation. It brings to mind the great leaders who laid the foundation for the founding fathers’ dream of and achievement of freedom for India.

The Prime Minister raises the National Flag before making a speech outlining the achievements of the administration in the previous year, outlining the issues that still need to be resolved, and calling for further advancement. Foreign dignitaries are furthermore invited.

We honor the freedom fighters who lost their lives in the struggle. The Indian National Anthem is a song titled “Jana Gana Mana”. After the speech, the Indian Army and paramilitary forces march in a parade. At rituals done in all state capitals along similar lines, the Chief Minister of each state’s respective state hoists the national flag.

Every public and private organization, including colleges and universities, celebrates Independence Day. Students participate in parades and sing the national song before lowering the flag. Lights that symbolize freedom have been artfully added to several old buildings. Special actions, including planting trees, are carried out on this day. The nationalism and patriotism that the young people feel are deeply ingrained in their minds. To commemorate the occasion, competitions in sports and the arts are organized, and the winners are given prizes. Everyone receives a tasty gift. You can hear patriotic music everywhere.

The kite-flying competition, which is held across the nation with tremendous fervor, is another intriguing aspect of the celebration. On this particular day, the sky is covered in kites of all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Even radio and television shows have a strong patriotic vibe. To inform the public and youngsters about various episodes of our battle for freedom and to foster a love for our homeland, the channels air films and documentaries with patriotic themes. Every major national newspaper also publishes special editions that contain motivational tales and passages from the lives of great individuals taken from their best biographies of them.  


India’s Independence Day in 2023 will be commemorated as a national holiday, with all shops, offices, schools, and universities being closed. This day honors the freedom fighters and patriots who lost their lives so that we might experience and live in a free nation. Schools and other organizations fly the tricolor on this day.