How to Utilise Your Outdoor Wall Lights to Their Full Potential

Outdoor lighting provides visibility and security at night. Furthermore, it highlights the beauty of your home and sets up the mood in the evening.

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Researchers predict the outdoor lighting market to increase by 15%, which translates to $25 billion by 2027. As households and the government themselves choose to adapt to eco-friendly technology and energy conservation, it is essential to know how you can utilise outdoor wall lights to their full potential.


Blend In

Adding ambient wall fixtures with up and downlighting features creates a relaxing atmosphere best fit for your outdoor seating area. It also emphasises the texture of your walls and even the length of the structure.

This wall lighting blends seamlessly with the background, so you can also choose to put it in locations that can complement them. Installing wicker basket pendant lights in a wood-laden terrace or deck is a great example.


Go Contemporary

If your wall light can get some shelter, then a modern steel one is perfect for evenly distributing the light downwards on your porch. The frosted diffuser in its system makes this possible.

Alternatively, circular outdoor wall lights in your front door or wall will not just add style but also provide illumination in your entry and exit ways.

You have to make sure that you check a product’s UL ratings and determine if they can be for long-standing outdoor use.


What are UL Ratings?

As outdoor fixtures are constantly exposed to natural environmental conditions such as storms and rain, ensuring that they can withstand the weather and climate is pertinent.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings determine the type of weather a light furnishing can tolerate:

  • UL wet rating means that these fixtures can handle snow, heavy rain, and even saltwater. Thus, they can be placed in verandas, gazebos, and exposed decks.
  • UL damp-rated lights are best used in places where they cannot be directly in contact with snow or water. Moreover, they can handle some degree of moisture in bathrooms and covered carports and patios.
  • UL dry rating furnishings are only meant for indoor use in living and dining rooms as these cannot be used in damp locations.

Therefore, UL wet-rated wall lights are best used for outdoor use. At the same time, you can use damp-rated fixtures outside as long as they have some protection or coverage.


Stick With the Classics

The classic black or gold-coloured aluminium casing with glass panes lights on either side of your front door is unbeatable. The double front door lights also bring out a cozy-home inviting vibe as long as they are sized appropriately.


How to get the right size of scones?

You should first get the measurement of your door and determine the multiplication value of the height by 0.25 to achieve the traditional look. Furthermore, you can multiply the value by 0.33 and get a more prominent fixture in the resultant size for more appeal.

The rule applies to doors and windows wherein no light furnishing can be more than 0.25% of the frame. It would be best to place the wall lights 66 inches above the floor or ground.

On the other hand, if your porch only allows for a single wall light, you should place it on the same side as the doorknob. It makes looking for keys at night easier and identifying your visitors clearly and immediately.

Your friends and neighbours will surely appreciate your relaxing curb appeal. Adding some in-season flowers or shrubs to your front porch would further accentuate the look.