How to Test Power Supply Units – An Overview


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One of the largest pieces of hardware that directly impacts user performance is the computer power supply unit (PSU). Systems require a sufficient power supply to operate without interruption, and if the power supply units fail to deliver enough voltage levels based on the power consumption, several issues arise. When diagnosing computer issues, the power supply is frequently overlooked, but testing it first might prevent a lot of future troubleshooting hassles. A bad power supply may be the cause of Blue Screen of Death crashes, hard drive issues, or a computer that simply won’t boot up.

Checking the power supply can quickly and readily provide solutions for many issues. But how can a power supply be tested? We’ll talk about testing computer power supply units in this blog.  

How to Test PSU – Step by Step

Before you start switching out expensive hardware, run these quick tests. If your system is experiencing trouble booting, you can test your power supply unit (PSU) to see if it is operating correctly. For testing power supply units, you’ll need a paper clip or a PSU jumper.

  • When testing your PSU, make sure you jump the right pins. Jumping the wrong pins could hurt you or damage your power supply unit. 
  • Shut down your PSU except for the main AC line and the 24-pin cable, unplug every cable from the power supply unit.
  • The 24-pin cable’s pins 4 and 5 can be found there. With the clip facing up and the pins facing you, count from the left to find pins 4 and 5.
  • Bend your paper clip so that the pins 4 and 5 may be placed into the ends.
  • Insert the ends of a PSU jumper into pins 4 and 5 if you’re using one.
  • Turn on the PSU then verify the PSU fan is spinning.
  • The PSU is operating normally if it does.

NOTE: The fan only briefly spins after the PSU is turned on thanks to a zero-RPM function found in many Corsair PSUs. This suggests that the PSU is still operating normally.


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Do you think it was difficult to test power supply units? We’ve quickly covered a few simple methods for testing the computer power supply in this blog. If damaged power supply modules are overlooked, your computer could suffer significant additional harm. Therefore, it is best to check to see if this is functioning properly at the first sign of trouble in order to identify the issue, reduce the damage, and lower the expense of fixing them. We now anticipate that you are fully knowledgeable about PC power supply testing procedures and locations.