How to support a loved one with ADHD?

Attention-deficit/ Hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder. Individuals who suffer from ADHD experience inattentiveness, impulsiveness, or restlessness. It usually develops in children, but it can affect people of all ages. It has a range of symptoms, and it can present with different symptoms in different people. Loved ones of ADHD patients often do not know how to cope with them. Many times people with ADHD go undiagnosed. It makes it hard for them and the people around them to understand the condition and handle it accordingly.

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5 ways to support someone with ADHD

1.      Know the symptoms and do not undermine them

In order to know that someone close to you is suffering from ADHD, you ought to know its symptoms. The symptoms can vary in children and adults. If you know the signs of ADHD, it is easier to understand why someone from your family and friends is behaving in a certain way. Some people may also have partners and spouses that have ADHD. It is even more essential for the partners to show care and support to their spouses by learning more about them and building a strong bond. Have a conversation with a Psychiatrist in Islamabad to know the complete details of the symptoms.

2.      Do not undermine the condition!

No matter which mental illness one suffers from, no one can guess what the person is going through. Many people think that ADHD patients are overreacting or are not trying hard enough. Try to avoid saying such things to people with ADHD because their behavior patterns may vary according to their condition, and their productivity may vary at different times.

3.      Focus on their strengths

Instead of defining your loved ones by their illness, focus on their good qualities. They may be weak in some aspects, but they may do exceptionally well in others. Adults with ADHD are energetic, creative, calm, and friendly. Keep these good qualities in mind and know what they bring to the table.

4.      Be Patient

Having to deal with someone with ADHD can cause frustration. The person living with ADHD is not doing anything deliberately. Most of their actions are a consequence of their illness, and there isn’t much they can do about it. Practice patience with them as they are going through emotional turmoil themselves. Being dismissive or rude to them can worsen their symptoms as it instigates fear in people with ADHD and make it harder for them to focus.

5.      Communicate

Keeping open communication is essential to understanding the needs of people with ADHD. Unclear communication can cause misunderstandings and may frustrate them. Listen to what they have to say and how they perceive things in order to understand them. Talk to them about you feel by using I-statements instead of using an accusing tone.

6.      Seeking professional help

A therapist or psychiatrist can help manage symptoms of those who suffer from ADHD. Encourage your friend/relative suffering from ADHD to seek professional help. If you don’t know of a good psychiatrist, you can check the top psychiatrists at Saifee Hospital

Dealing with people who have ADHD

Taking care of someone with ADHD can be nerve-wracking, so it is equally essential to take care of yourself. Self-care is vital for those who have to deal with a loved one suffering from ADHD.

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