How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Car Accident Injury Lawyer


Getting into a car accident impacts your life in ways you probably never expected. Not only are you trying to heal from physical injuries, but you might also be suffering from mental and emotional trauma as well. Making the decision to talk to a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio can help bring peace of mind and reduce stress and worries. Being prepared for the meeting is in your best interest.

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio

1. Write Down What You Remember From the Accident

If you’ve decided you need to take your case to court, your attorney is going to need as much information as possible to be able to represent you. You may not remember every single detail of the accident perfectly, but it’s important to write down as much as you can. Some of the most important details you’ll want to write down include:

  • Date of the accident
  • Time the accident occurred
  • Location of the accident
  • Weather conditions
  • Condition of the roadway
  • Your actions right before the crash
  • As many details about how the accident took place as you can remember

2. Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

In addition to writing down as many details as you can remember about the accident, when preparing to meet with a car wreck lawyer in San Antonio, TX, you need to get a copy of the police report. It’s possible you already have this, but if you can’t find the report in your records, you can get one directly from the police department.

If the police weren’t called, this is something you’ll need to tell the attorney. If you collected witness information, including names and contact information, have this information ready to give to the lawyer at the first meeting.

3. Gather Pictures of the Accident

If the police were called after your accident, there will more than likely be photos of the damage included with the report. However, if you or someone else also took pictures of the accident scene, bring these with you to your first meeting. Even if you took the pictures with your smartphone, these may still be useful and should be viewed by a professional.

4. Collect Every Bit of Information About Your Injuries

When taking your car accident case to court, the amount of compensation you potentially receive will be based on the severity of your injuries. For your first meeting with a lawyer, you’ll need to collect copies of your medical bills, medical records, drug prescriptions, and any other document that is linked to the treatment of your injuries.

If you have pictures of your injuries from right after the crash, make sure they are included with your medical information. It takes a long time for cases to go to court, and you could be healed by then. Having all of this medical information ensures you still have a case.

5. Bring a List of Questions

The first meeting with a lawyer will help you determine if they are the right person for you. It also helps the attorney determine if they have the skills and abilities to take on your case. Since you’ve probably never been through a car accident case before, you’ll have a lot of questions, and the first meeting is a great time to ask them. Some things you’ll want to know include:

How Many Car Accident Cases Has the Lawyer Taken on? What Is the Most Recent Case They’ve Dealt With?

You want to work with someone who has experience working on car accident cases and does it more often than not. This could increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve from the person who is responsible for the accident.

Do They Have Experience Dealing With Car Accident Cases Like Yours? Will They go to Trial or Only Attempt to Settle?

Not every car accident case is exactly the same, but the attorney should have worked on a case similar to yours at some point during their career. Taking a settlement isn’t always a bad thing, but the lawyer should be willing to go as far as necessary to get the compensation you deserve, including going to trial.

How Will You Communicate With Your Lawyer?

Communication is key when it comes to taking your car accident case to court, and working with an attorney that communicates in a way that makes you comfortable is necessary.

Deciding to go to court after a car accident can be a tough decision, but if someone else’s negligence caused you harm, they should be held responsible. When meeting with an attorney for the first time, they are going to need information about what happened to determine if they can take on your case. Preparing reports, gathering medical information, and being ready to ask questions during the first meeting can reduce your stress and worry about legal proceedings.

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