How To Make Your Custom Printed Boxes Stand Out?


After the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the E-commerce industry is flourishing day by day. All around the globe, 27.2% of the customers are heading towards online shopping.  They are spending $4.29 trillion since the pandemic gripped the world. 

Further studies show that by the end of 2045, 95% of all the purchases would be done online and people would love to do shopping in the comfort of their homes. 

The innovation in the e-commerce industry brings fierce competition among every brand. They are putting their foot forward to come up with the best branding strategies to create a benchmark in the marketplace. 

Packaging can do a whimsical job and is a creative and cost-effective way to get people to buy your products. 

Yes, you have heard it right! Custom Printed Boxes can be your advertising streamer and have the potential to influence your buyers at first glance. 

In this in-depth guideline, you will get to know about:

  • How customized boxes can give can provide you the edge against your rivals
  • Which steps to follow while designing the box which is functional and fascinating 

Let’s get started!

Step To Design the Custom Printed Boxes

To create a wow factor in your packaging, manufacturers need to follow these steps. It will help you to create a box that is long-lasting and according to the latest marketing trends. Follow these steps:

  1. Analyze Your Packaging Specifications

You need to evaluate your packaging needs by keeping your product and branding strategy in mind. You need to evaluate are you selling perishable products? Are you selling products that are lighter in weight and require secure shipping?

Take time to think through your answers to these questions. This will aid to make sure that your Custom Packaging Boxes look appealing, and assure product integrity, by keeping all these things in mind you will create a mesmerizing unboxing experience. 

  1. Select the Packaging Type You Are Going To Use

One of the greatest things about customized packaging is that you can choose the packaging type and material as per your product specifications. First, you need to think about your demographic factors.

What kind of audience do you have? For instance, you are dealing with cosmetic products. You would know about this fact that men would love to go with blue and black colors packaging and women also want pinkish and decent colors.

The next thing which needs to be considered is brand messaging!

Custom Boxes Wholesale will do a magical thing by helping in brand building and improving product values. You need to make sure that the boxes are reflected with branded colors and styles which improves your brand identity. 

  1. Focus On the Inspirational Artwork

This is the most creative and interesting part of the entire packaging process. It can be the most overwhelming part for many designers and manufacturers because it will make or break their chances for success. 

Some e-commerce brands will strive hard to create the artwork for their Custom Printed Packaging Boxes. The inspirational artwork can be generated from scratch or you can consult with a design team, they will provide you with eye-captivating printing patterns and graphics. 

A more cost-efficient approach to designing the graphical presentation is to get the assistance of a designer. The designer team will quickly develop designs based on your imaginative ideas, your retail products, and your overall brand identity. 

  1. Use Your Packaging as a Branding Tool

You can make your packaging an advertising streamer by putting your company’s slogan, name, and tagline which helps your consumers to identify your brand in such a saturated market. 

You can put a thank you note and QR code which a consumer will scan and get access to your email which aids in sustaining the relationship between your customers that you have created a long ago. 

Add Fine Details and Embellishing Features

The one last thing that will boost your consumer’s unboxing experience and make your box user-friendly is the addition of fine details which boosts the overall gaze of the Custom Boxes

All the little entails like embossing, debossing, foiling, finishing, windows and die-cuts will improve the product’s visual appeal. You can share the videos of unboxing on social media which ultimately leads to increased client traffic. 

Now you have received your packaging. Congratulations! You are ready to create a benchmark in the competitive marketplace. 

Why Invest In Custom Printed Boxes?

A well-structured and well-designed Custom Packaging will offer you a host of benefits that will help in customer retention, brand building, and increase sales. 

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Custom Boxes Help in Establishing Brand Identity

Your brand identity will reflect what your business stands for? What is your brand message? What are your values and principles?

This can all be done by having the company’s slogan, name, and taglines on the packaging. According to a report, 71% of consumers are willing to buy a product from a brand that is focusing on the outer gaze of the packaging. 

A logo will help you to make your brand distinct as it helps consumers to recognize your products among many others. The slogan will be printed on the most evident part of the Custom Retail Boxes which catches customers’ attention at first glimpse. 

Improve Your Branding Strategy

You have heard the saying: “first impression matters a lot.” And this phrase can be seen everywhere in the e-commerce packaging industry.

According to a survey, 72% of consumers said that they made their purchasing decisions by looking at the product packaging. 

During the pandemic, a lot of people do Instagram window shopping and think about Instagram-worthy packaging, it will cause a social media influencer to stop scrolling and land on your products and search about your services. 

Elevates User Experience

Offering a high-end customer experience is a great way to differentiate your products from rivals. Your packaging functionality and sound condition are a cost-efficient way that will affect the overall user experience. 

Well-designed edges of the Custom Printed Boxes will help in easy opening and closing, will improve the user unboxing experience and will make it your loyal potential buyer. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, you will get to know about the steps of designing creative e-commerce packaging. This is a bit of a longer process, it will require a lot of energy, money, and patience. But in the end, it is worth it!

A premium packaging will elevate user experience, help in brand building, and improve brand strategy. This is a great way to become a competitive leader in the fierce market. 

But to design an enchanting and secure box, you need a team at every step of the designing process.

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