How to Make the Most of Your Awning This Summer

Seeing as how we might be facing yet another summer with serious travel restrictions, it might be a good idea to create a space in your own home where you will feel comfortable and relaxed enough that you will not need to plan an escape to a foreign country or some faraway beach. You surely know that staying indoors at all times is not beneficial for your health, which is why having a cozy yard can be very useful. Not only will you get a chance to breathe in plenty of fresh air but you will also expose your body to sunshine which is necessary for the production of vitamin D, which is in charge of various processes in your organism. However, something else to keep in mind is the fact that too much sun exposure can also be bad for your health. With that in mind, you want to add some sort of shade to your yard. For instance, a quality retractable awning is a great solution that can provide you with a variety of uses. Here is how you can make the most of your awning this summer.

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Extend your living room to the outside

First of all, something that you’d want to consider is extending your living space outdoors. For instance, if your living room looks into the backyard, you can think about adding a door that will make it easy to go from indoors to outdoors. However, you should take it up a notch and add bi-fold doors that can stay open all day long, especially on those pleasant days that are not too hot. That way, you will essentially have no borders between your inside and outside spaces and you’ll be free to walk about without any limitations. Having a big enough awning is crucial here as you don’t want sunlight to warm up your house too much. You want it to cover most of your patio so that you can easily use your outdoor daybed and lounge without the pesky sun rays disturbing you and your slumber.

Have your meals al fresco

Besides extending your living room, you can also extend your dining room, in a sense. If there are doors in this space that lead outside, you can also add a bigger model that will make the view from the room more appealing. On the other hand, you can simply add a little dining area outside where you can have al fresco meals every day during the summer. Whether you go for a small bistro table and two cute chairs or get a proper dining set with a table and a few benches is up to the space you’re working with and your preferences. Moreover, having an awning over your head means that you will not have to worry about an occasional rain shower ruining your meals either.

Create a playground for your little ones

The outdoor space shouldn’t be only for adults, especially if you have kids. You can look for some ideas on how you can incorporate a play area for your little one as well. Of course, you want to place it under a quality awning that is easily retracted, so that they can have some time in the sun and some time in the shade. As everything from setting up a dollhouse outside to placing a chest full of toys so that they can pick whatever they want to play with can work for this space, make sure you opt for the approach that is best for your family.

Enjoy the space even in the evening

While your trusty shade solution will be there to protect you from harmful and annoying sun rays that could be bothering you during the daytime, quality outdoor awnings can easily be retracted. That way, you can enjoy stargazing in the evening if this is an activity you often do with your kids. What is more, if you like to watch a movie outdoors once the sun sets or organize get-togethers with your friends, you can simply equip the space with some solar lights or fairy lights that will ensure there is plenty of soft and warm illumination so that you can still use this outside space.

Stay outside even when it gets chilly

On the other hand, not every summer day will be warm and sunny. If your area often experiences summer showers, rest assured that you will still be able to spend time outside if you opt for the right type of awning. There are also models that can handle rain, snow, and even hail. That means that you can easily sip your coffee outside while it’s raining during a warm day. Additionally, if you invest in an outdoor heater, you can stay outdoors even if the temperature drops a bit during the summer.

Decorate with greenery for a serene oasis

As this is an outdoor space, you want to be surrounded by nature and get to feel serene just like you would by going into a forest, climbing a mountain, or relaxing on a beach. With that in mind, you want to decorate this space with plenty of greenery. From shrubbery that can delineate different zones to flowers that will bring some color and personality to the patio, you have plenty of options here. Seeing as how plants do require sun, you just need to find the right place for each plant or retract the awning at some point during the day so that the greenery can get enough hours of sunlight. Furthermore, make sure to equip yourself with the tools necessary to keep these plants alive.

Prolong your belongings’ lifespan

Finally, adding an awning to your patio will also protect all the outside furniture that you use. From a sofa, a few armchairs, and a daybed to dining furniture, everything that you use when outdoors can be affected by the sun. To prevent fading and sun damage, having an awning that can automatically open when it becomes too hot outside is a big benefit. Moreover, if there is no sensor that will trigger the awning to open, you can also do it remotely or by hand.

If you’re spending this summer in your own backyard, it’s vital that you invest in a quality awning that will keep you, your kids, and your possessions safe from the sun.