How to Fold a Pocket Square: 5 Things You Need to Know!

Pocket squares aren’t just for the natty dresser. If you want to look polished and sophisticated, then a pocket square is an essential accessory that will set your style apart from the crowd.

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Unless, of course, you can’t fold them properly.

Trendhim’s 52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book is a great illustrated guide that features 52 pocket square folds – from the elegantly simple Presidential to the deliciously difficult Croissant fold.

Yes, folding a pocket square looks harder than it actually is so long as you follow our simple guide and take note of these five things:

1) The material makes a difference: everyone knows this one but we still have to mention it because sometimes people don’t seem to think it through when buying their new pocket square! Don’t buy silk if you’re going to wash it regularly (we’re looking at you southerners), and always opt for cotton over polyester; it’s a cheaper option, more comfortable and you won’t look quite as much like a fancy waiter.

2) The color matters: A dark or patterned pocket square with a light suit will stand out – sometimes this is good, but most of the time you’re going to want something that blends in rather than contrasts. It makes for a more subtle touch. If you’re wearing a light blue shirt with your navy suit then opt for something lighter or darker to blend everything together neatly.

3) The style matters: If your pocket square only partially covers the inside of your jacket pocket then it shows; if it stands up too high then it looks uncomfortable; if it doesn’t peek out above the top of the pocket then nobody will know. Before you buy a new pocket square, look into the details of both yours and your suit to ensure that it will be flattering on you.

4) The size matters: A good folding routine isn’t going to make a massive difference if your pocket square is too small, but you can still do some things to create a more flattering effect. If it’s not big enough then fold in half again before placing it in your breast pocket for instance; or if it doesn’t quite reach up to the top of your collar then try folding diagonally instead for a smaller shape that will stand out better.

5) Tone down the pattern: This one goes without saying really – always keep patterns toned down when they’re matched with other patterns, and steer clear of loud patterns that will look out of place against your suit. Keep it subtle, classy and understated instead.

So now you know! Wool with wool, cotton with cotton, tone down the pattern. By following these tips you’ll be folding like a pro in no time flat.