How to Buy an HP ProLiant X5472 Server for your Business? A Purchase Guide

In computing and IT, a server is a device or a program that provides a service to another system, and its user is called a client. An X5472 – HP ProLiant can also be known as a dedicated server or might be used for several other purposes. For a normal new user, it can be difficult to pick a server of their choice. You cannot just go and buy any random device without knowing your requirements and its specifications. 

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Picking the best device according to your needs can be a difficult task. With several server types, hard drives, CPUs, and other options to pick from, it is problematic to know where to start. So, if you want to know how to buy an HP ProLiant X5472 and accessories related to it, such as the bd07285a25 – HP 72.8GB hard drive, you are in the right place. In this post, we will guide you on how to buy an HP server for your business in 2022. Keep reading this post to get your answers. 

You can think of a server as a remote computer stored in a server data center and is always linked to the internet through gigabit ethernet. You can use a server for

  • File sharing
  • Secure email hosting
  • Cloud storage
  • Supporting multiple servers
  • Hosting an ecommerce store or a website

If you have bought the right server having the m393b1k73chd-yf8 – Samsung 8GBA memory, it will power all of these services and devices. Also, it can power these devices at the same time.

  1. Know your Requirements

There are several types of servers according to a user’s requirements and needs. If you just want that to share basic files, you can arrange a Seagate Cheetah st3400755ss hard drive to share files between employees. Mostly, you will require a server in the form of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) that attaches to the Ethernet. 

  1. Nature of Task

The server you pick should reflect the type and number of applications you want to function or run and the number of clients it will have. Applications like sharing documents, print serving, and running calendar programs can be easily managed by a single low-cost server. Contrary to that, demanding tasks, including hosting large image libraries, or databases, need more processing horsepower with a fast hard disk.

  1. Operating System

The next step is to determine the operating system, for instance, Linux, Windows, or Mac. Also, if you are upgrading your older generation server, you will stick with the similar type. You are allowed to choose the mixture of hardware or software that best meets your budget and requirements. Both Mac and Linux servers can manage Windows clients and tend to be cheaper.

  1. Form Factor

HP Servers come in different sizes (form factors), such as; rackmount, blade, and tower. The size can be determined by its casing.

  • Rackmount: It needs to be installed onto a rack frame. It can hold several servers
  • Blade: They are similar to rackmount servers as they also need a chassis to be fixed in. These ones are space-efficient if compared to rackmount servers. 
  • Tower: It resembles a regular desktop computer, and it has server components inside it. These servers come in different shapes. The only drawback is that these devices can take more space compared to a blade or rack mount setups
  1. Make sure it can Prevent Overheating

We know that a regular desktop computer can make sounds when its fan is started to prevent overheating. It usually occurs with compact servers, specifically when there is not an air-conditioned room to prevent this effect. It is suggested to do some research regarding the likelihood of overheating occurring.

  1. Budget

In the end, you need to look at your budget and only then go to buy a Server. A decent device should have the perfect combination of Samsung 8 GBA m393b1k73chd-yf8 memory and HP 72.8GB bd07285a25 hard drive. It will help to grow your IT business if used perfectly. Following are some of the specs and features of the ProLiant X5472 server.

Specifications and Features

The HP ProLiant DL160 server is a dual-processor, 1U affordable capable server, which comes with superb performance features that can provide you with the capability to design an optimized solution. The device is ideal for general purpose and high-performance computer-demanding tasks.

  • Type: Rack
  • Maximum processors: 1
  • Cache Memory:    12MB Level 2 cache
  • Storage Controller: HP SC40Ge SAS with RAID
  • Dimensions (Inches): 1.70 x 17.64 x 26.85
  • Ethernet Controller: 2 NC105i PCIe Gigabit Adapters

Final Words

Lastly, we will end the post with the comments that a server works like a central computer system for your business. It is a spinning hub in the center if you consider your desktop or laptop as a spokes wheel. You can manage a wide range of tasks, including; managing your security updates and running your email platform. Moreover, these can be used 24/7. If you are in search of the best place to buy the mentioned server and related accessories, you can visit our online store We have a number of computer and IT-related accessories and hardware at the best prices. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post.