Gaming for Green Agenda: Top 6 Informative Games to Make You Think About the Environment

Top 6 video games described in the article will help you learn more about the environment. You can start taking care of our planet easily with these interactive apps.

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How to help the environment and raise awareness with the top 6 video games

Environmental issues are a real threat to humankind these days. Nevertheless, these issues don’t seem to be obvious when you take a look at them distantly. But once a person faces the real danger caused by environmental changes, the opinion towards a more careful treatment comes to their mind. 

How do you prevent an ecological disaster from happening? There are lots of ways how we can affect the lives of many with some simple small steps. You might think that your input isn’t enough, but in the long run, it will only have good consequences. 

Would you like to start your ecological education journey? Let’s see how the plant identifier can help you with this goal. With the Lily plant identification tool, every person could join the game and make nature get less affected by the devastating human footprint. 

Top 6 interactive ways to help our environment by playing games

Do you want to make your impact helpful? You should choose a nice strategy game to raise awareness among society and help people understand the importance of an environment-friendly approach. 

How do you define environment games? These are specific types of games that fall into the bigger category called Serious Games. These are created not only for entertainment purposes. The goal of such games is bigger and it can touch different areas of human activity. In this case, serious games are about raising better awareness about the negative influence humankind can have on our nature and what consequences it can lead to. 

Why do you need to play environmental games?  

People wonder how playing these types of games can help. When you download the app, you can become a part of the bigger process and learn more, develop some skills and understand what the general image looks like. So, why do you need to take part in educational game experiences? Here are a couple of reasons why: 

  • First of all, it’s a better way of learning information. When you read or listen to something, the information isn’t absorbed effectively. But when it’s an interactive way of communication with virtual universes, the learning path becomes easier. 
  • What can be better than a real-life simulation? This is what a video game can give you. When you use an app to envision what the future world will look like, it can affect your deeds and actions of yours today. 
  • Your theoretical knowledge can become your practical inheritance when you use them with an app. It’s sometimes complicated to imagine what the universe and our planet, in particular, look like, and what damage degree is present there. But with a US video game, the picture is easily achievable. 

Do you want to increase the chances of the generations to come to benefit from a healthy and safe-to-live environment? Then it’s time to raise awareness and help the community grow in terms of environment-friendliness with the following US apps for users eager to learn.

Lily Plant

Let’s start with a picture of Lily plant. What is the app about? With the help of the application, you can interactively learn more about plants, both common species, and extinct types. By having the picture of Lily plant in mind, you will be able to understand more about the plants and learn more insights about each of them. 

The app had a developed interface and quite enhanced functionality. By using the app, you can take pictures instantly and figure out what kind of plant is in front of you. Also, good-quality pictures aren’t necessary. The app tries to present the most accurate assessment and give its users the most developed list of details about the plant.


Have you ever asked yourself questions about waste management? Recycling is a common issue in the modern world. People used to sort their trash and put it into separate bins. But what can make people get more encouraged to sort, recycle and consume more reasonably? Gaming comes at hand with its interesting and eye-catchy interface app. 

Plasticity helps people make better choices when it comes to plastics. Since we live in a plastic-ridden world, the risks of putting our planet in danger are rather high. For this reason, there should be a clear tool or video game (as in our case) to help people understand the effects of incompetent plastic use. 


What do you know about natural habitats and how to take care of them? Habitactics is a perfect way to learn more about animals, their place of living, and how they interact with each other. The game offers gamification for those who want to learn basic facts and stats but in an interactive way. 

Beyond Blue

How about some environmental education online? A lot of people are interested in the options to help our planet survive in this fast-paced world full of commercial waste. How can the Beyond Blue game help? You will find a fully digitized encyclopedia of all creatures found in the ocean. The app can help you understand the vastness of the ocean and the diverse world within it. 


Let’s get to another waste management game. There are different ways you can learn to sort your waste and recycle it. But at the end of the day, the motivation to sort things through carefully disappears. And this is the time when the game can help stay motivated and understand the final goal of waste sorting. 

Working with Water

Let’s close the list of video games with a nice tool that helps users understand how to maintain a sustainable water supply. You will learn what are the best ways to use, spread, and save water to make it a reasonable use. The game will also simulate real challenges you can face in the real world to help you see the true picture behind unsafe water usage. 

Furthermore, the game can be extremely helpful for teaching purposes. If you have a room full of students and you want to explain to them the importance of safe water use in an interactive way, this app will work perfectly. 


Working on your environmental knowledge is important for everyone who takes part in the general life cycle. The planet needs help from people to make it a better and safer place for the upcoming generations. If you want to make your investment and help our nature, gamification can be a perfect try. 

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