Five Christmas Movies You Must See


While watching holiday movies this season, it may be difficult to decide what is a must-see. The best Christmas movies tend to feature affluent white families, but Tangerine is a notable exception to this rule. This film serves as a corrective to this tradition, reminding viewers that Christmas isn’t about a perfect picket fence or tidy house. It invites filmmakers to challenge the standard definition of Christmas movies and make them about human kindness as much as Christmas itself.

Die Hard

The Christmas sequel to “Die Hard” is a holiday classic! New York City policeman John McClane is on a holiday visit to his estranged wife, Bonnie Bedelia. He joins her at a holiday party, but the festivities are interrupted by a group of terrorists. As the two attempt to save Bonnie, McClane gets thrown into the middle of a holiday hostage situation. Here, he must take out the terrorists and save his estranged wife.

Arthur Christmas

In the story of Arthur Christmas, the youngest son of Santa Claus must deliver a present before Christmas dawns. The task is remarkably complex, requiring the help of the high-tech operation beneath the North Pole. The story engrosses young readers and makes Christmas a joyous occasion. Arthur is determined to deliver the present before Christmas begins, despite his fear of the icy Arctic. He succeeds in doing so and earns the trust of many children in the process.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Jack Skellington, king of pumpkin-town, becomes bored with his annual routine of scaring people. When he stumbles upon Christmastown, he plots to take over Santa Claus. As the movie unfolds, the viewer gets to experience the many hilarious and scary moments from the film. Here, we will learn about Jack’s adventures, including his creepy encounters with a human being named Mrs. Claus.


There are several films that star the merry-go-round Carol. Often portrayed as the self-absorbed, spoiled talk show host, Carol Danvers is given an audience of ghosts during the holidays. These ghosts visit Carol and her children – her sister Beth and her assistant, Roberta – and warn her that if she does not make changes to her life, she will face a terrible fate.

The Great Rupert

If you are looking for a classic holiday heartwarmer, look no further than The Great Rupert. This film is about a cute squirrel who transforms into an unlikely benefactor. This old Hollywood Christmas movie is a definite must-see this holiday season. Watch it on Christmas movies Eve at 5:30am ET on TCM. The film is also available on DVD and streaming services, including The Film Detective. A computer-colorized version is also available for streaming devices and iOS apps.


The holiday spirit is alive and well in the latest film from Tangerine, a film about a transgender sex worker who is back on the streets after spending 28 days in jail. This film features a transgender character named Sin-Dee, who meets up with his best friend, Alexandra, after learning that her fiance has been unfaithful. With Alexandra’s help, Sin-Dee embarks on an Odyssey to find a pimp. And, of course, her high heels are a sight to behold.

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