Empowering iPhone Users: Mastering Emergency SOS on Your iPhone 14


Apple’s Emergency SOS is featured on iPhone and is necessary to save critical time in emergencies. The devices in the iPhone 14 can even send alerts via satellite when they are in the lineup, help with emergency services and contact in critical conditions. If the activation is accidental after receiving a message from Crash Detection, you can debilitate the feature entirely. 

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How to turn off Emergency SOS on an iPhone 

All we know is that there’s no universal switch to turn off the emergency SOS, but it can be turned off from the same ends by switching off all of the activation options about this feature in the Settings app. Some steps should be followed. 

  • Go to Settings and then to Emergency SOS. 
  • If you want to disable manual triggers, switch off Call with Hold and Release and Call with 5 Button Presses to deactivate manual triggers. 
  • Always switch off calls after serving a crash to remove automatic Crash Detection calling. Only the iPhone 14 user can do this to turn off Emergency SOS on an iPhone. 

What “SOS only” means on an iPhone, and how to get rid of it 

The sign of unavailability of regular services on your iPhone is if you are seeing “SOS” or “SOS only” in your iPhone’s status bar. There are many ways to call ion emergency number or send satellite alerts. In an emergency, call an emergency number like 911 or the best way is to use Wi-Fi if present near your location if you are an iPhone user. 

Typically, the easiest and most convenient coverage to fix the situation is by walking, riding, or driving to a place. It will help in better cellular coverage. If you are present in different places where the signal probability is poor, there are a few ways you can try in an emergency. 

  • Go to Settings > Cellular and switch Cellular Data off for 10 seconds, then back on again which may provide some signal probability. 
  • In case of traveling, just go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and make sure that the Data Roaming option is empowered. It saves the roaming fee if this option is enabled. 
  • If you are a physical SIM card user and do not agree to an eSIM, try to explode it out to check the damaging place, and put it back in if there is no damage present. 

Other Ways to Disable SOS On iPhone 

Using Control Center 

If the iPhone user wants to turn off SOS by some other means without using the settings system, he must do it through the Control Center. There are some points to turn off the SOS that are discussed below: 

  1. To open the control center, Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen that shows this file. 
  2. To show the Emergency SOS slides on the screen, you should press and hold the Emergency SOS button. 
  3. To switch off the Emergency SOS slider, just turn the slider to the left that turns it off. 

Using Siri 

If you want to use voice commands instead of any other method, it is easy for you to switch off SOS on your iPhone using Siri. Some points that are useful in this method are discussed below: 

  1. Press and hold the Side button or say “Hey Siri” to activate Siri. 
  2. In voice, just say “Turn off Emergency SOS” or “Disable Emergency SOS”. 
  3. When Emergency SOS has been turned off, Siri will confirm it. 

Disabling Emergency SOS means that you don’t want to use your iPhone or you are not able to use it in an emergency. 

Before disabling this, always make sure that you turn it off and agree with these policies. You feel comfortable in an emergency when these functions are disabled. But in the case of an emergency call, you just dial 911 or the local emergency number directly. 

Key Takeaways 

It must be understood by iPhone users how to turn off SOS on their iPhone. If you want to switch off the SOS feature on your iPhone, key points are important that must be kept in mind. Some useful key features are described below: 

  • You can turn off the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone by a process that starts from Settings > Emergency SOS. 
  • From there, you can toggle off the Call with the Side Button option and the Auto Call option. 
  • If you turn off Call with Side Button, you can still use the Emergency SOS slider to make a call. 
  • If you ever need to use Emergency SOS again, you can easily turn it back on by following the same steps 

The most important is that the Emergency SOS feature can be a lifesaver in an emergency. 

If you find yourself accidentally triggering it or you don’t want to use it even in an emergency, turning off the SOS is a fast and easy process.