Ecommerce challenges Ronnie Teja Faced during his journey


Ronnie Teja is an e-commerce expert and is known for his famous brand Branzio Watches. These Branzio watches have made him what he is today. A known entrepreneur who owns 15 plus websites and is running it smoothly with a professional team of 40 plus employees. He has been in the e-commerce business for more than 15 years. Ronnie Teja not only owns Branzio Watches but also many other brands where he is selling accessories and men’s jewelry. He is also the owner of Saas which he is selling.

Ronnie’s Efforts and Struggles:

When we get to know about a successful entrepreneur, we don’t think of the tough roads and paths successful businessmen have to go through. Their hardships and efforts in their career are unseen by the people who just look at their success, as the most amazing thing of his career is developing and running a well-established brand of branzio watches. Ronnie Teja is one of those entrepreneurs who was not given anything by inheritance or luck but he had to struggle for everything he has now. He worked day and night at the start of his career for a little amount of money.

Ronnie’s Persistence:
Ronnie Teja started his journey and failed at the start as he had no idea how to survive in such conditions where everything seems like getting out of hand. But, his hard work, effort, and willpower to achieve more and get to the level of being a well-known and recognized entrepreneur who’d be known by his famous brand. He did not earn a good amount of money as he was facing loss in the business but he continued doing so, He did not stop in anything, as he was persistent and desperate for success. He was constant in his efforts and struggles to meet his goals and in the end, all of his hard work came along with a globally well-recognized brand of Branzio watches. He was persistent to achieve his goals and he, in the end, achieved everything.

Hard work for success:

If we look at the life of Ronnie Teja, we would know that there was no golden spoon in his hand or in his mouth and he had nothing in his hand. When he moved to Canada, he had to sell radios from one door to another door to earn the amount to even buy the necessities. Ronnie didn’t believe in shortcuts to success, rather he was determined to his success through hard work.

Ronnie Teja’s Core Values:

Ronnie Teja is a firm believer in determination, work, and perseverance.  He believes that whoever wants to be successful in life, must know that these values play an important role in it. Ronnie believes in the motto of never giving up and this has made him realize that consistency is the key to having a life worth living. He realizes that an entrepreneur must have these qualities in his character. These qualities have made Ronnie Teja understand the basic characteristics to live life to its fullest. His values and beliefs are motivating factors in the life of other entrepreneurs. He is known for his determination, values, hard work, and determination.

A Profile of Self-Made Businessmen:

Ronnie started his journey when he was working in an HBSC bank in Canada. He had proper experience of working for other companies, businesses, and websites where he was an expert in managing e-commerce and digital sites. While working for other organizations and seeing them achieving success, he realized that if he is the one who is bringing multiple businesses and brands to this level, how about starting a brand on his own, he modified his view, as if making others successful in their career, why not thinking of making himself the one known by nations with his own brand. An idea hit upon him when he went to Hong Kong and met a wholesale retailer. He adopted the approach where he realized that buying from a single retailer is going to be more profitable instead of buying from multiple shops at multiple rates. His strategies and experience made him follow the profitable techniques of marketing and now, because of all his years of experience, he developed a well-recognized brand of branzio watches, along with other products and digital business sites. For your business queries connect to Ronnie Teja.


Ronnie Teja started his entrepreneurial journey with nothing in his hand and by working day and night, selling his products door to door, and considering the satisfaction of his customers as his first priority, he achieved great things in life. He is often invited on different platforms for podcasts and interviews to share his success story to motivate every other entrepreneur who is just lost or stuck. He is a source of great inspiration, determination, and motivation. He motivates others by sharing the thick and thin, ups and downs, struggles and efforts, revenues and losses, and learning and experiences of his life that help people in so many ways of their businesses.

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