Earn Profit by Starting Gojek Clone in 2022

Danh Nguyen from Kon Tum, Vietnam is one of the thousands of Successful Entrepreneurs and Proud Owners of an App like Gojek. His story began while he was scrolling his Phone to find some interesting Business Ideas. He was astounded when came across a Blog that said that you can become a Billionaire by launching your very own App!

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With his jaw still dropped, he read the blog further. It explained what a Gojek Clone App is and how an Entrepreneur rakes in income right from Day 1 of the App Launch. The Blog was so persuasive, that he started dreaming of owning this App one day. And soon, he had access to his very first On-Demand Multi-Service App. 

Want to read what blew Danh’s mind? Below is a tiny piece of the Blog that left him bowled over!

What’s this All-in-One App that’s making people Billionaires?

The App is called Gojek Clone. It is a Digital Platform that is Powerful enough to offer more than 70 On-Demand Services through one single User Login. From a long-drawn list of Life-Enhancing Services, here are just a bunch of them that people in Vietnam plump for:

●       Moto Rides

●       Taxi Rides

●       Food Delivery

●       Grocery Delivery

●       Medicine Delivery

●       Beauty Services

●       Car Was

With so many Services on the platform, the App Owner will surely be showered with Vietnamese Dong notes. But how? Well, with the App’s Money-Making Business Models. The Two Models that the App has, the App Owner can choose only one of them as their primary Revenue Generation System. 

One of them is the Commission-Based Model and the other is Subscription Plans. Here is how these Models help you make money.

Earns Commission-per-Service  

Xuan Dung is associated with one of the best Car Wash Services in Kon Tum Province – V7 Thẩm Mỹ Ô Tô. He registered with the Gojek Clone App as a Car Wash Expert with Multiple Services under his Profile such as:


Intensive Internal Cleaning = 700,000đ

Wax Rubbing And Buffing = 900.000đ


Engine Degreasing & Coating = 700,000đ

A.C. Treatment = 1,200,000đ

An App User booked Xuan for Intensive Internal Car Cleaning and Engine Degreasing & Coating. Xuan’s Location was nearby, so the Customer chose an At-Home Service. He scheduled the job on 9th January, 11:00 GMT. After Xuan completed his Service, the Customer paid him 1,540,000đ including a Tax of 10%.

Therefore, on this particular Service Xuan is liable to pay the App Owner a Commission of 10%, i.e., 154,000đ as per the mentioned terms in the Contractual Agreement. Implying, on every Single Service that Xuan renders via the App, he has to pay a Commission of 10% to the App Owner.

Subscription Plans

Huynh Bao owns an SYM Shark Motorbike and is a Registered Moto Driver on the Gojek Clone App. From the option of Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Plan, he chose to purchase a Bi-Monthly Plan for 3,200,000đ by making a One-Time Payment. The Plan that he chose had the following key features:

●       Accept Unlimited Taxi Rides in the predefined period

●       Track Earnings

●       Manage Payments

With this purchase of Plan, Huynh no longer has to pay Commission on every Single Service rendered through the App.

However, these plans have an Expiration Date. The Plan needs to be Renewed before the Expiry Date. So, to remind the Service Provider that their Current Plan is about to Expire, the App Owner starts sending In-App Push Notifications in advance. 

Therefore, in case Huynh Bao forgets to Renew the Plan, even after several reminders, he will no longer be able to Receive Service Requests once the Plan expires.


These Business Models are the ways through which the App Owner can make Profits in Billions. Star on the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine for being the Most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022! 

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