Discussion on IT Certification — the Certificate and Ability Are Equally Important

In the morning, I met with several friends and talked about IT certification. Everyone spoke freely and drank a lot of wine. We also talked about the relationship between certificate and learning. Some believe that certificates are important. They say that certificates are a stepping stone to the industry. Others believe that ability is important. Working ability is one’s capital to find a job. In fact, everyone’s point is right, but not comprehensive.

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In my opinion, whether it is CCENT, CCNA, CCNP know about ccnp cost, CCIE, CCAR certification of Cisco, or H3CNE certification of HUAWEI, or MCITP and MCSE of Microsoft, or some other certifications, such as OCP, SCJP, they all have certain value. In my previous blog posts, I also mentioned that certificates are a stepping stone and play a certain role. Is the more certificates the better? Personally, I think it’s OK to obtain 3 certificates at most. Of course, you can apply more certificates if you want. The IT industry is highly competitive and talents emerge in endlessly. For example, there are many people having two CCIE certificates in developed cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. But some people say that now the certificate is flooded and its value is not as high as before. That may be reasonable, because a thing is priced if it is rare. There are more and more IT certificates and more people with certificates. The number of CCIE certificate obtainer is around 30,000. The H3C certification is more suitable for some engineers who are not good at English. After all, it is in Chinese and easy to prepare for. If you can pass the H3CIE certification, I think you are at the same level with CCIE experts. Now Cisco and HUAWEI’s certification is still popular network companies. After all, there are not many people who can pass the CCIE and H3CIE exam. ‍

As for Microsoft certification, many people take the exam all over the country. I remember a teacher once said that as long as you follow Microsoft, you will have a job all your life. This is reasonable, because Microsoft is mainly application-oriented.

Another popular certification is RHCE, which should be more difficult than CCNP and MCITP because it is practical. However, there is a disadvantage of this exam, that is, there are too few test sites.

As for the question of whether certificates are important or abilities are important, we should think about it dialectically. As far as I am concerned, the unity of certificates and abilities is important. Many Some people study for three months to pass CCNA certification, and then obtain the CCNP certificate in five months, and then go to the company. But some people finish passing the CCNA certification exam within one month and get the CCNP certificate in two months, but they often fail in the interview because they don’t actually learn well. Then they complained that the certificate is useless to find a job. But the question is in themselves. Now many people rely on the question dump and just recite it in order to pass the certification. They don’t study hard and don’t do experiments seriously. This is to only value the certificate and ignore the knowledge itself. The certificate obtained in this way has no meaning. Now you can’t find a good job by relying on the certificate alone, because when an enterprise recruits talents, he looks at the certificate first, but he also wants to see your technical abilities then. If you only have a certificate and don’t have the corresponding professional ability, you still can’t find a job.

The actual working ability is very important. So you may wonder whether you still need to obtain the certificate. The answer is YES. The certificate still plays a role when enterprises recruit talents. It is also a proof that you have learned certain professional knowledge. So I say that certificate and ability complement each other. If you can achieve the unity of certificate and ability, you will find a satisfied job. Remember that no pains, no gains.

So certificate and ability are equally important. The above is my point of view. Thank you.

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