Cricket Betting Sites in India  – Types of Betting and Best Sites

Cricket Betting

Cricket is not originally an Indian game. It originally appeared in England, it came to India in the 1700s. A kind of answer to basketball, cricket was rapidly gaining popularity among the players. Cricket is a sport that appeals to individuals from all walks of life. There are presently about 3 million players in India, spread across the country. Cricket is a hugely popular spectator sport in India, with the national team playing in front of 100,000 shouting fans and over 200 million people watching live on television.

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People have been wagering on cricket since it first came to India. As cricket’s popularity has grown, so has the complexity of betting markets and the number of bettors. Indians may now gamble on games from all around the world via gambling sites thanks to the Internet. These sportsbooks enable Indians to wager on a variety of things, including the outcome of a match, the final score, which bowler will take the most wickets, and many other things.

You can win thousands of Indian rupees betting on cricket. It’s completely legal. You can safely play in online casinos or bet on foreign platforms. The main condition is that the company must be located outside of India. 

Best Sites for Betting

Let’s start with a piece of advice: don’t bet at dubious betting sites. If something confuses you about the bookmaker device – find another one. There are a lot of both old and new bookmakers on the market nowadays. You are sure to find something to your liking. 

One of the best cricket betting sites in India is Professional reviewers make lists according to different criteria. There you can also read the news just sports events or find the best betting app. Check out cricket betting sites in India for the most up-to-date information on cricket. 

Criteria for Choosing a Betting Site 

A good game requires a good betting site. One of the most pressing problems of gambling is fraud. Bookmakers cheat players and do not pay out funds. To avoid such problems, we have compiled a list of criteria for you. They will help you to choose a reliable and trusted bookmaker’s office:

  • License
  • League and betting tips
  • Mobile version and app
  • Support service

We will elaborate on each item and why it is so important. However, this is not the final and not a complete list of important criteria. Here are the main points that will help determine the quality and reliability of the bookmaker. 


Everyone can set the primary criteria for themselves here. For others, a huge number of good evaluations about a firm is sufficient to convince them that it is safe. Others are concerned with the size of the odds, while others are concerned with the available payment options.

First and foremost, you should check for the availability of an official license. Operating permits are easier to get in Curacao, Cyprus, and Malta than in the conditional UK or the Netherlands.

The age of the bookmaker is also important. The longer a betting office has been in operation, the more services it has provided to bettors. Companies that are focused on defrauding clients are frequently under a year old.

Line and Painting

Almost every gambler is on the lookout for a betting office that offers a diverse range of events and wagering alternatives. Nowadays, bookmakers are attempting to attract customers not only through the most popular sports (soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, and so on), but also through strange disciplines (horse racing, darts, tennis, and so on) (horse racing, darts, floorball, and others). Top bookmaker’s offices don’t always give in-depth coverage to their consumers, but they do aim to offer a diverse selection.

Mobile Version and App

Betting on sports online with a smartphone is far more convenient than using a PC to access the official website. Leading betting businesses have long recognized this and have produced mobile versions of their websites and smartphone applications. Because the software is installed on the client’s smartphone, he or she will be able to bet on the Internet at any time and from any location.

Customer Service

This section of the BC’s work is critical for users. In the event of a problem, the player contacts the support service, hoping to receive a response as soon as possible. If it takes several hours or days to fix the problem, it is doubtful that anybody will enjoy it. The more methods to reach the office’s support personnel, the better.

Every newbie bettor may select the ideal bookmaker office for sports betting by considering all of the aforementioned characteristics.

Types of Cricket Betting

Cricket is a sport where betting from the jump will not bring profits. It is necessary to be able to operate with large amounts of information, taking into account every detail. Even picking a match-winner will require the bettor to know about the lineup of teams, the format of the tournament, and, of course, the weather forecast.

Bets on the result capped predict the match’s outcome, predicting which team will win. In cricket, a tie is impossible (unless in top-level events), therefore the bettor must choose between the first or second team’s victory. Experts advise examining head-to-head confrontations before making a decision. You may wager on first-level contests with double odds, ensuring a win in the event of a tie.

Odds Are Doubled

The double chance is similar to betting on the outcome, except that you may combine two possibilities for a lower stake – for example, that the draw will not occur or that at least one of the teams will not lose. 

With a Disadvantage

It is conceivable to anticipate with what advantage the side will win or, more importantly, what handicap the opponent will not concede. In test matches between strong teams, for example, a zero handicap is highly popular.


Betting on the total amount of runs scored in a match or over a set length of time (for example, after 5, 10, 15, or 20 overs). For each squad, this can be both overall and individual totals.

Player Information

In most cases, top-level cricket lines provide a plethora of options for players’ accomplishments. There are a lot of markers, such as the number of wounds or 6-pointers, as well as numerous awards were given out at the end of the competition, such as the best batter or best player of the match.

Statistics Must Be Matched

Cricket is chock-full of statistics and side occurrences. In the lines for important matches, it’s not difficult to obtain quotations on the number of runs or the best outcome of the first partnership. In addition, many workplaces will take bets on how the first wicket will be taken out.

On the First Pitch of the First Inning

In extended test matches, this is a popular betting market since you don’t have to wait many days to find out the result of the first inning. All of the following sorts of bets are normally available in the first innings line.

It’s a Coin Toss

In all significant sports, the most basic prediction that may be made at bookies. When betting long, the odds of correctly estimating the offensive first team are 50/50, and you will still lose money on the bookmaker’s margin.

Bets on the Side

All offers that are not included in the standard line of the bookmaker’s office can be included in these sorts of bets. Bets on greater or lower values of for and totals, exact score, and even or odd match totals are examples of extra bets. The latter ideas are instinctual since they are not impacted by any circumstances, and it is quite difficult to establish a strategy in such bets.


Can I Bet in the App?

Yes. This allows you to react faster to changes during the match and not to depend on your computer. However, it is worth paying attention to what bets are available at this or that bookmaker.

Are Live Bets Available for Viewing?

In most bookmakers’ offices, it is. Look for the broadcasts in the live betting section of the bookmaker’s website or app.

Is It Safe to Link a Card for Payment?

If the bookmaker’s office meets all the security criteria, then we have no fear. Note that some offices allow the same payment method for deposit and withdrawal.

Can I Use the Bonuses for Betting?

To do this, you need to read the terms of use of the welcome bonus. But in most cases, the welcome bonus applies to bets.

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