Costco Gas – Is the Membership Card Requirement Illegal?

If you are a member of Costco, then you may be aware of their cheap gas prices. However, many people complain about the membership card requirement and one-way traffic flow, which violate state law. Here are some tips to help you get gas at the best possible price at Costco. Also, read on to learn about the quality of Costco gas. Then, check out this review to see if the membership card requirement is illegal.

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Costco members-only policy violates state law

The question now is whether Costco’s members-only policy on gas sales is actually breaking the law. The supermarket chain introduced the new policy on June 7 and posted it around New Jersey. But a recent legal challenge ruled the membership requirement violates state law. Costco isn’t the first retailer to impose a membership-only policy on gas sales. In 2004, other warehouse chains attempted the same thing, but state authorities stopped them due to their infringement of fuel-salesale laws.

Quality of Costco gas

When it comes to quality, the gas at Costco is top notch. However, most gas is sourced from wholesalers in the area. The additives in the gas may differ from brand to brand and even from distributor to distributor, but most gasolines contain detergents to prevent clogging of the fuel injectors. Even the gas sold at Costco meets the minimum EPA standards. However, if you are concerned about the quality of Costco gas, ask the assistant manager about the ingredients in the gas.

Membership card requirement violates state law

A costco gasoline membership card requirement may violate state law, but the store’s new rule does not seem to be illegal. The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs reported on July 5 that Costco posted signs requiring members to present their membership cards in order to purchase gas. The new rule will remain in place until the state steps in to ensure consumers’ safety. But for now, the requirement may be a violation of state law.

One-way traffic flow

The city council balked at the construction of a Costco gas station because of concerns about traffic congestion and parking. Its parking lot is already crowded and awkward. While the proposal doesn’t include a second entrance, it does propose a fire lane. This lane could be used by drivers exiting the gas station. In the meantime, drivers will have to wait for an available pump. But it’s not clear whether these changes will help or hurt traffic.

Extra-long pump hoses

When you’re in a hurry to refuel your car, Costco pumps have extra-long pump hoses that make the whole process easier and quicker. They’re located on either side of the hose, and attendants are super professional. They also have gas that’s formulated to clean your vehicle’s engine. While you might have to pay extra for gas at Costco, it’s well worth the extra time.