Cosco Car Seat Reviews: Cosco Scenera / Scenera Next


NHTSA easy of use score:
Scenera Back facing: two five stars. Forward-facing two in five.
Scenera Next: Rear-facing Front-facing: Two stars out of five. Forward-facing: Three of five stars.

Limits 5 to 35/40lbs. front-facing 22-40 pounds. front-facing.

Pros: Cheap car seat to use as a second car. It is ideal for travel on airplanes. Cosco Car Seat Reviews

Pros: Cheap car seat to use as a second car. It is ideal for travel on airplanes.

Cons There is no side impact protection or EPS foam. Fabric and padding are basic. Top harness slots only 13inches high (Scenera next).

Comments Cosco Scenera is a basic seat. Cosco Scenera is simple seat is our top choice for that car that gets used only occasionally or grandma’s car. The Scenera isn’t expensive It comes with a five-point harness that has four height positions as well as three slots for the crotch. The padding is basic and there’s no foam EPS and side-impact protection as well as other features. Then again the price starts at only $39, which is perfect if you’re in need of a budget-friendly seat that’s easy to set up and use.

It is important to note the fact that two Sceneries: an initial version (which has a 35-lb. rear-facing limitation; as shown above) and the more recent Scenera NEXT (below). The Scenera Next can handle up to 40 pounds. front-facing and features a slimmer design (17 inches wide). With a price of $35, the Cosco Scenera NEXT is probably the most affordable convertible seat available today.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports was not pleased with the initial Scenera which was awarded only an “basic” rating for crash protection. The Next one, however, was rated highly by Consumer Reports overall and boasts “better”crash protection. For ease of use the Scenera received only two stars from NHTSA and rear-facing installation problems holding the seats rating low. The same is the opinion of users who report that the rear-facing installation is difficult to put it in a mild way.

Overall, we believe it’s a decent base seat to use as a vehicle or as a backup to your primary seat. The majority of the feedback received from users about this seat is favorable, with many parents saying it is light and simple to use. There is one issue: the Original Scenera features a kickstand that needs to be turned outwards when facing forward. A few people forget to do this and complain about the difficulty in assembling. Note: Cosco has eliminated this option out of Scenera NEXT. Scenera NEXT as well as the Apt seat that is priced similarly (which is slightly more spacious).

Some critics have noted the absence in padding, or fancy fabrics The Scenera is also lacking the infant seat, so the newborns with smaller sizes might not be comfortable inside the Cosco Car Seat Reviews. The top harness slot only measures 14.5 inches (Scenera) (or 13″ (Scenera Next) So it’s likely that the child will not reach the 40-pound. weight limit before growing out of the seat in the height. This is the price to pay for being so cheap–again We think that this seat is ideal for a second car that isn’t used much or the car of your grandmother. The Scenera is a favorite of many. Scenera for travel on airplanes because of its low weight is highly appreciated.

Scenera NEXT Scenera NEXT Brand scored “better” in Consumer Reports most recent crash tests for car seats (CR employs a three-point rating scale: base, superior and top). It’s higher than the original Scenera that scored only a “basic” score. Overall the Scenera NEXT snagged the #5 position out of the 32 seats that were tested. That’s remarkable for a car seat.

The feedback from readers about The Scenera Next is much the similar to the Scenera, with the identical complaints over rear-facing installations and the sloppy padding are trumped by the lighter weight and the 40-pound. rear-facing limit. The cover of the Next can be washed in the machine and is dryer secure.

Bottom line: Between the two, we suggest using the Scenera Next as a good option for a low-cost caregiver’s vehicle or Grandma to utilize.

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