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CHINT Global has a history of more than two decades of innovation and service in the field of intelligent energy solutions. With our expertise in software development and control automation, we are committed to helping you develop and implement solutions that drive efficiency and enhance your business. CHINT’s products and services cover everything from power transmission and distribution, to photovoltaic equipment, and low-voltage apparatuses.

Power transmission & distribution

Founded in 1983, Chint is a world-class supplier of low-voltage electrical equipment. It has built nine manufacturing bases in China and Europe. It also boasts a sales network of over forty overseas distributors. In 2018, Chint reached an annual sales revenue of 10.5 billion USD. Its products are sold in more than 130 countries. Its products include power transmission and distribution equipment, building electrical appliances, gas insulated switchgears, surge arrestors, and LED lights.

CHINT has a total of 97 subsidiaries in over 70 countries. It also has 5 overseas sales centers and three global research and development centers. Chint focuses on four sectors: energy system, industrial automation, green infrastructure, and smart homes. It has over 380 patents and has made contributions to the emergence of new industries.

Photovoltaic equipment

Founded in China in 2011, Chint Global Photovoltaic equipment has become a world leader in the field. It has developed several “4+1” industrial sectors: photovoltaics, cloud computing, sensor technologies, and big data. Currently, Chint has a marketing network of over 80 countries and is expanding its footprints in the Belt and Road Initiative countries. Its subsidiary CPS America is headquartered in Pomona, California and has shipped over 2GW of solar equipment across the US.

The company’s core pillars are the smart solar power station, photovoltaic equipment, and clean energy technology. The company’s “One Cloud and Two Nets” business model aims to leverage big data and cloud-computing technologies to provide a comprehensive energy solution. Chint Global Photovoltaic equipment offers a suite of energy solutions to meet global decarbonization targets.

Low-voltage apparatuses

Taking a cue from the energy internet, Chint is using big data, cloud computing, and smart sensors to develop a cloud platform that delivers data applications. It’s called Chint Cloud.

The ELASIA exhibition, which took place in Bangalore on June 24 to 26, was a showcase of the latest and greatest in electrical, electronics, and lighting. It brought together manufacturers, suppliers, policy makers, and OEM’s. China’s booth attracted over 15,000 footfalls.

Chint is a leader in the low-voltage electrical apparatus industry. They have a business network across 140 countries and employ over 30,000 people. They have been active participants in numerous power projects around the world.

Software development

Founded in 1984, CHINT is a Chinese smart energy solution provider. Its main products are smart electrics, photovoltaic equipment, and industrial control and automation. They are all part of the company’s overall strategy to build a smart energy ecosystem. It also follows the trend of digital technology integration.

CHINT has over 30,000 employees worldwide and is present in over 140 countries. They have a long track record of 38 years in the industry. They also have a goal of a greener planet. They focus on innovative products and services. In 2018, CHINT generated annual sales of 10.5 billion USD. It is also a renowned company in Asia.

Control automation

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in China, CHINT is an industry leader in control automation. CHINT’s products and services are available in more than 140 countries. They include intelligent terminals, power transmission and distribution, power generation, and energy storage. In 2018, CHINT had a total sales revenue of over US$ 10.5 billion. They have also got the envious honor of being named as one of the Top 100 China Private Enterprises.

CHINT’s products and services are also available through an impressive network of 25 distributors. CHINT also boasts a robust sales team. It has also been a pioneer in the low voltage electrics sector.

CHINT’s commitment to serving as the world’s leading provider of intelligent energy solutions

Founded in 1984, China is a world-renowned intelligent energy system solution provider. It operates in over 140 countries and regions. Its product lines include smart electric, smart buildings, smart grid, green energy, smart water, and industrial control and automation. It has a large number of top customers worldwide. CHINT has been committed to becoming a world-leadingleading provider of intelligent energy solutions.

CHINT’s commitment to serving as the world’s leading provider of intelligent energy solutions has helped it become a well-known brand in the industry. CHINT’s smart energy technologies are relevant to smart cities, data centers, and industrial applications. It is committed to serving the global energy industry with innovative integrated technical service. It will continue to expand its business, accelerate the upgrade of products, and enhance its brand image.

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