Digital Mimicry at the Service of the User

This camouflage of the real geographic coordinates can be transferred to the most convenient country in each case. For example, if you want to enjoy French streaming channels, you can virtually “move” to Paris or Marseille. And this is only part of the possibilities. Contracting a VPN brings many added benefits, apart from where to … Read more

How many agents work with you at the ICSS?

Match-fixing is a truly global crime that involves individuals across multiple jurisdictions. It requires a global approach to data and information sharing, which is why we are hosting the ICSS-UNODC meeting at the UN Crime Congress to place this issue firmly in the consciousness of those individuals that can pass this into national and international … Read more

The NFL season should be my favorite

I have been working as a freelance sports writer for many years. I love almost every sport and look forward to the start of most seasons, but the NFL season should be an absolute favorite. When I was older, I was a family that played two sports, football and baseball. Family jokes continued, calling February … Read more

Sport streaming with any Smartphone or camera

Sport streaming with multiple cameras doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. We went through the basics of a cloud-based multi-camera production. When you think of a complicated multi-camera setup, you might think of mobile TV studios, hundreds of miles of camera and microphone cabling, numerous wired and wireless cameras, massive audio consoles, sheet music … Read more

Free Sports Streaming Sites 2022

The idea of ​​sports streaming sites has proven to be beneficial as keeping up with multiple game schedules can be a difficult task. Sports fans can attest to the joy and convenience of not missing a favorite team game, even on a busy schedule. Online sports streaming services have made watching sports easier and more … Read more