Best Free Sports Streaming Sites of 2022

Most cable and satellite TV providers offer some type of access to live sports streaming such as Streameast live and cable TV services such as fuboTV and Sling TV also have tons of live sports. It’s hard to find free live streaming sports websites, but they do exist.

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Some major sites such as KKTV01 offer both free sports streaming and pay walled streaming. To turn off pay walls on these sites, you may be required to subscribe to a streaming service or provide registration information for a cable or satellite TV provider.

Other well-known sites such as Facebook Watch offer completely free access to a limited number of live sports.

Most free sports streaming sites do not offer official streams, so the quality is often lower and sports fans should be wary of the invasive and misleading pop-up ads that may appear. If you are careful, you can find any sports stream on these 무료스포츠중계 sites.

Free Sports Stream from KKTV01

KKTV01 offers some free sports coverage, but many games are locked behind pay walls.

  • Website:
  • Sports can be watched: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Collegiate Sports, Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis, MMA, NASCAR, Esports, UFC Fight Nights, etc.
  • Notes: Only some of the streams on are free. Others require a valid login from a qualifying cable or satellite subscription.

KKTV01 is one of the biggest names in cable sports and the official KKTV01 website features a ton of live video streaming. You can find all major sports including football, basketball, baseball and college sports on the official KKTV01 website.

What you won’t find on is every game in every sport. KKTV01 only streams the games they have the rights to, and some game streams are even shut down behind pay walls.

There are two types of premium games on

  • Games that you can watch with a valid cable or satellite TV login
  • Games you can watch if you sign up for KKTV01’s streaming service.

In addition to these premium games, KKTV01 also streams free sports that you can watch without logging in or paying for an additional subscription.

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Stream Free Sports on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch streams sports such as Major League Baseball, and users can stream other sports live as well.

  • Website: Facebook Watch
  • Sports you can watch: One MLB game a week, soccer, women’s basketball, surfing, and a number of unofficial broadcasts covers just about every sport.
  • Notes: Facebook Watch has a limited number of official sports broadcasts, but Facebook users use the service to stream sports.

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s attempt to break into the video streaming market, and the social media giant has managed to secure the rights to stream various sports. One of the biggest offerings allows Facebook Watch to stream one MLB game per week during the regular season, which you can watch for free if you have a Facebook account.

In addition to official Facebook Watch sports, Facebook users can also use the service to stream live sports from around the world.

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