5 Ways to Make Packaging Inserts that Stand Out


People say they don’t judge a book by its cover, but a cover certainly matters when it comes to packaging. The first impression counts a lot, and people are more inclined to products encased in an aesthetically appealing box. 

Packaging design is about customer experience, which can be accomplished with inserts for boxes. Inserts are an exceptional choice to improve the visualization of your products, convey information, and protect as needed. 

Let’s discuss five artistic ways by which you can make your packaging inserts way more enticing than you ever think!

What Are Inserts For Boxes?

Insert is a little entail that goes inside the box with the product. It helps cushion purposes and can also be printed with valuable information that could be used for branding purposes. 

There are different types of packaging inserts for boxes. Let’s look at a few of them!

  • Cardboard inserts
  • Foam inserts
  • Corrugated inserts
  • Plastic inserts 

Ways to Make Packaging Inserts That Stand Out 

Remember, a poorly designed insert can bury your product to the point of visibility. Therefore, create these inserts in the following five enchanting ways. 

Let’s get started!

  1. Content Is King

Inform customer’s what they will find when they open the box. Then, think outside the box and excite potential buyers by imprinting the company’s name and valuable product information. 

  1. Think About Thank You Note

Do you know the impact of a heartwarming personal note? When it comes to inserts for boxes, the first thing that comes to mind is a thank you note. It’s a simple way to appreciate customers’ loyalty to your brand. This small design can drive customers to feel that the brands value them. 

  1. Go For Unique Prints and Finishes 

The retail sector is saturated with a plethora of similar products. So how would you distinguish your brand? Endless combinations of print and finishes are available to set part your inserts and fly off your products on the shelf. 

Bold prints and finishes are a great way to draw customers’ attention. The finishing could be of many types, and you can opt for one that creates an urge among your potential buyers to enjoy a fantastic unboxing experience. 

  1. Use Minimalistic Approach 

Vintage style is the latest buzz in the market! Proportion plays a pivotal role and designing insert boxes by keeping your marketing campaign in mind. Think about what words and visual graphics you want to print on the inserts. Keep the design patterns as elegant as possible, as it is a fantastic way to grab existing and new buyers. 

  1. Consider Fun And Humor 

Customers always love receiving a product in a package that provides them with some fun. So, go witty! You can design the inserts in a puzzle design which boosts their packaging experience. Apart from that, you can print funny cartoon characters and visuals while designing inserts for boxes. Humor isn’t limited to shapes and graphics; you can play with colors and print the insert with colors that grab their interest. 

Benefits Of A Great Packaging Design 

After discussing the tips for creating custom inserts, let’s move to the benefits of a great packaging design that stands out your products on retail shelves. 

  1. Build Authentic Connections 

Building trust and loyalty in a world saturated with similar products isn’t a cup of tea. 

Luckily, cardboard inserts for boxes can help you to bypass that! Instead, you can incorporate your messaging details and critical brand values, which help build an authentic connection with your customers. 

  1. Bring Customer Loyalty 

Being good at attracting customers but not capable of retaining them is like some you win and some you lose. But on the other hand, nurturing customer loyalty is a proven way to pay off in the long run! And a well-designed insert can do a whimsical job of retaining new and existing buyers, which drives your sales potential. 

  1. Help In Brand Building 

If you imprint your company’s logo and name on the insert, it will help you to reflect your company’s morals. While designing inserts for jewelry boxes, you must remember your branding essentials.  This custom packaging helps convey your brand message to your customers, which allows them to identify your brand among rivals. 

Final Verdict!

In short, these inserts for custom boxes are an exceptional choice to protect your products and inform your customers about the product details and brand values. They will help with brand awareness and bring customer loyalty that is fruitful in customer retention. You need to be artistic with an insert design to accomplish all this to accomplish all. Design the inserts with a fun, minimalistic approach, and never forget the content is king. A great packaging design will make a difference between your products, gathering information, or flying off the shelves. It depends on how you design your packaging. 

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