5 Recruiting Tips and Tricks you Should Learn


Recruiters are supposed to attract and hire the right talent. If he fails to do so, what’s the use?
Therefore to build a successful recruiting career, the recruiters constantly have to learn and
improve his services. Here are the few tips and tricks that you need to learn to be able to meet
up your company’s expectations and companies before looking into how to find a headhunter.
● Develop a candidate persona
● Take referrals
● Write simple and clear job description
● Ask the right questions
● Use modern technology

Develop a candidate persona
There are a lot of things that you can do to be better at your job and hire the best candidates.
However, nothing would help you as much as developing a candidate persona would do.
Therefore, if you are satisfied with your performance so far, work on developing a better

candidate persona. The candidate persona is a template that you prepare for an ideal hire. This
can be done reviewing the common and worth-praising traits of the previous successful hires. If
it gets stressful to develop a candidate persona for every job vacancy, at least develop it for
important hard to fill positions.

Take referrals
No matter how hard you try, sometimes you still fail to find the well-qualified and deserving
candidates for the job. Therefore, you have to try every way to find a new talent, including
employee referrals. Employee referrals would help you find a better quality hire.

Write simple and clear job description
Another recruiting tip that you need to learn and implement is writing a simple and clear job
description. The clear and simple job descriptions never fail to attract the right talent. However,
if you write unclear and inaccurate job descriptions, you would not only waste a lot of your time
but the company’s resources as well. The description should contain sufficient information on a
job title, description, responsibilities, duties, qualification, skill, salary, and benefits.

Ask the right questions
One meeting is never enough to judge someone. However, the recruiters usually do not have
time to conduct several interviews to determine whether the person is good for the job or not.
Therefore, what you have to do is ask the right question so you can judge and decide whether
the person is the right fit in the first meeting. With some specific job related questions, ask the
following as well:
● How would you introduce yourself?
● What are your current responsibilities?
● What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
● What is your next ideal job position?
● What is your current salary? What are your salary expectations from us?

Use modern technology

If you already have tried everything and nothing is working, you might need to use modern
technology. We live in an advanced world therefore, its the need of the hour to get rid of
traditional ways of doing things. A lot of modern tools are developed to make the recruiter’s job
easy. Find and use them to perform screening, reach out, and update the candidates. Chatbots
and CRM are the two tools you can use to upgrade your services.

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