4 advantages of utilizing an online coding test to employ great developers


If you believe the technology market is bombarded with talent, the statistics will prove you wrong.

  • In early 2022, general unemployment is at 4 percent. The technical sector is even more inferior at just 1.7 percent, reducing applicant availability.
  • In 2022, data indicates that 86 percent of the most suitable aspirants are already engaged and not actively looking for a new position.

But it’s not all gloom and doom, as the perspective for tech recruiting stays strong:

  • 40 percent of organizations employed technical workers during the pandemic, and 66 percent intend to add more in the future.
  • The need for software developers will increase by 21 percent between now and 2028.

Even though the market is impenetrable, loads of great technical aspirants are searching for their next position. Some of the best organizations utilize a programming assessment for employing software developers – and in this article, we’ll tell you why.

4 advantages of utilizing an online coding test when employing software developers

Let’s dive directly into it. If you’re not already utilizing programming tests, here are the top four advantages companies see when a programming assessment is part of their software developer hiring procedure.

Benefit 1

Pre-Screening Skills assessments assess basic coding skills – Saving You Time at the time of an Initial Filter.

Take your mind back to the previous time you were employed for a technical position – how did you complete your initial tech screening? Did you read all the hundreds of resumes?

If so, we’re sad to listen to that – RIP your useful time.

Next time, swap this up for a pre-screening programming assessment and let the technology do the screening for you. Given that online coding test is custom-made for each position, they give an instant signal of how well an aspirant could function for you on the job. Elements such as pass thresholds are your best friend here too, with aspirants automatically screened based on their programming knowledge and other competencies, not made-up CV skills. Simply specify the ‘minimum accepted score’ and let your skills test platform execute its magic by recognizing quality aspirants.

As a hiring expert, you shouldn’t be funding your time in assessing aspirants’ programming skills – why not let a pre-screening programming assessment do the work for you at the time of the initial filter?

Benefit highlight – Online coding test automates the initial filter, saving you useful time to concentrate on the rest of your procedure.

Benefit 2

A quick online coding assessment is an adequate representation than a CV.

Let’s face it, technical talent – technical engineers, software developers, and, specifically, self-taught coders – are rubbish at selling themselves.

That implies that their CVs are going to be equally trash. They’re useless as they won’t give you an adequate representation of how great the aspirant is. A programming test is different. It enables developers to showcase their talents, skills, and experience in a manner that’s useful for you and the recruiting manager. Put abruptly, you’re capable of assessing coding knowledge, not resume-writing skills.

As we also understand, software development is a universal skill that isn’t built habitually. Thus, don’t depend on standard indicators such as background or worthless college degrees – even technological interviews don’t give you the full illustration. Rather, deploy a super-accurate online coding test when filtering applicants to evaluate how they execute.

Benefit highlight – An online coding test is far more adequate than a summary, showing you how prospects perform, not just how they say they do.

Benefit 3

Low commitment, low effort programming challenges that applicants love

Whether you go for a standard programming test or a code-based skills assessment, one thing is similar – they’re engaging and entertaining for everyone. For the recruiting manager, it’s as easy as a couple of clicks to set up an assessment, tailoring it to the precise skill or job position that you’re employing. Then you just require to send out the invitation link and observe the assessment outcomes roll in.

For the applicant, it’s just as simple. There’s no requirement to fill out long application forms, a CV, or write a silly cover letter. Rather, they satisfy a fast 15-minute challenge to display how awesome they are.

Programming tests are interactive, fun, and instinctive skills challenges, giving a level of gamification to the technical recruiting procedure that’s like a catnip to software developers. Programming assessments help you decide on great reviews too! Many hirers work to get the recruiting manager’s feedback, leaving applicants rubbing their heads. This isn’t an issue with online programming assessments, as applicants see their marks and how they correspond to others, showcasing domains to enhance if important.

Benefit highlight – Online coding test are just simple to set up, simple to take, and simple to get outcomes. And the gamification element makes sourcing for technical positions a lot simpler.

Benefit 4

Programming tests Are Asynchronous & Remote Friendly

Gone are the days of candidates and recruiters groping around their calendars. Skills assessments of all kinds, containing coding assessments, are entirely asynchronous, enabling everyone to increase their time.

This assists hirers scale their productivity by making just one assessment and transmitting it out to hundreds or thousands of applicants. In turn, applicants can finish the assessment in their own time without having to move awkwardly around their existing positions.

Going away from time-aligned hires and applicants is also great for online recruiting. With applicants spread across the world, programming tests give you the edge over your competitor and help you create an adequate hybrid workforce. And while we’re speaking about getting an edge over your competitor, async interrogation is quickly evolving the bar too. If you want to get to understand your applicants face-to-face, and evaluate their problem-solving ability, soft skills, and cultural fit, check out introductory videos too!

Benefit highlight – Skills assessments and Video introductions enable you and your applicants to work asynchronously, increasing your time and execution. Better still, applicants can finally concentrate on programming problems instead of interrogation scheduling headaches.

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