3 Simple Upgrades That Will Instantly Elevate Your Style as a Man

A lot of men feel like they dress themselves well, and while they might not look too bad, they are not what most people would consider ‘stylish’. These men often have great taste and know how to avoid faux pas, but they don’t have enough knowledge of style or fashion to separate themselves from the rest. Don’t despair if you’re in that category, however, since you may only be one or two pieces away from having great style. Here are a few simple upgrades that will allow you to instantly elevate your style as a man.

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Embrace Jewelry

Jewelry, when chosen correctly, can make a very ordinary piece of clothing like a vintage T-shirt or a black button shirt look like something a rock star would wear on the red carpet. So, if you’ve always had a very laid-back style and want something that will make it pop, then getting jewelry could be a great option.

Whether you want something more classic or edgy, you should have no trouble finding great men’s jewelry to complete virtually any outfit. Just make sure that you keep things simple at the beginning and don’t mix and match metals. If you’re going to play around with precious or semi-precious stones, try to only have them on only one piece and try to stick to earth tones if possible. And make sure that the size of the jewelry you get is proportional to your frame.

Learn How to Layer

This is the most important skill to master if you want to take your style from good but generic to GQ level. It will also come in handy if you live somewhere where the weather is unpredictable, or if you often have to transition from formal to casual or from day-to-night outfits.

Layering can get complex, however, so we suggest that you start by using simple layering techniques and work your way up through trial and error. 

When it comes to layering colors, try to go from lightest to darkest from the inside out, and never wear more than three visible layers. Thinner fabrics should be closer to the body and be very careful when mixing patterns. If you’re going to do this, try mixing patterns with different scales, or mix bold patterns in neutral colors with completely different patterns within a more vibrant color.

Find Yourself a Good Tailor

If you’ve always wanted to look good in a suit but have never been able to pull it off, it’s probably because you got it off the rack. If you have the means for it, go for a tailored suit instead. All of your suits don’t need to be tailored, but you need to have at least one that is. This is what you’re going to wear on formal occasions or if you have to perform duties that require you to be in formal attire.

The same goes for shirts. You don’t necessarily have to go for a tailored shirt here, but you should take all the shirts you have to a tailor for adjustments. If you have never liked the buttoned-up shirt look on you, it’s probably because the shirt didn’t fit you properly. A properly adjusted shirt will always look better on you and will complement your frame.

These few tips should be more than enough to help you get that extra something that was missing from your style. Always continue to experiment and try to get as much inspiration as possible from style icons you identify with without copying them outright.