3 Good Ways to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Many businesses are already spending money on website SEO optimization and Google ads. The purpose is to make them searchable to get more targeted traffic. As a small business owner, you may be doing this too 

However, are you making use of the Google My Business tool to get more leads for your business? If you have been overlooking it, just like many other businesses, you need to look into it. You are missing out on a lot. Google My Business offers you loads of local SEO benefits, for free. Yes, this service is free 

How does Google come up with local rankings? What are the benefits of Google My Business? These and more are what you will uncover in this guide. 

How Google Determines Local Rankings 

The Google algorithm uses a variety of factors to determine search engine rankings. It’s therefore essential that you understand how Google conducts local rankings if you want your business to rank higher. 

The main ranking factors used by. Google is divided into three categories. They include prominence, distance, and relevance. These factors are briefly explained below.

  • Prominence – Google will rank your business if it’s has more presence on social media, as well as more online PR. However, you don’t need to trick the search engine with duplicate listings. 
  • Distance – It’s important to link your GMB listing on Google Maps. Your local business will always pop up when potential customers search for businesses close to them. 
  • Relevance – Keywords are very vital in search engine rankings. If your business has several relevant keywords that customers are looking for, they’ll find you.

Why Your Business Needs an Optimized Google My Business Profile 

Here are some reasons why you need to get serious about utilizing Google My Business.

Attract more customers 

Optimizing your Google My Business profile increases the number of potential customers for your company. Consistency can be a reliable tool for acquiring new and repeat customers. Get more appointments, leads, and sales from an optimized Google My Business account. 

Better engagement

Google search results are now more optimized for search intent. It implies that your prospects don’t necessarily need to input actual websites before they can get the information they are looking for. Everything is now on the search result page. 

Having an optimized Google My Business account helps you compete in zero-click searches. That’s more engagement with your business profile.

Quality local SEO ranking

Getting free targeted traffic for your business becomes more effective with the help of Google My Business.

Anyone who searches for local businesses around you will also see yours. That’s some free leads if you have what they are looking for! Google often ranks businesses according to relevance and geographical proximity. Therefore, geotag images for SEO improves ranking too.

Methods for Building Ranking with Google My Business 

Below are three effective ways to improve your Google My Business ranking:

Create a question-and-answer section 

You can do this with the GMB tool. Invite your potential leads to post questions regarding your business. Permit anyone to answer their questions (only relevant answers). This makes your page more engaging. Google loves engaging profiles, remember? Make it a habit to regularly check for new questions. Attend them as soon as possible. 

Always update your profile

You also need to input key information about your business for effective results. Do this regularly as changes occur. Add every necessary piece of information. They will display on local searches.

Some important details to include are your business name, address, phone number, website link (if you have one), category of your business, and hours of operation. 

Use high-quality pictures

When listing your business on Google My Business, the quality of your photos is vital. Taking care of this can offer you up to 30% more clicks. 

On average, there are eleven photos on a Google My Business listing. Add loads of high-quality pictures to stand out. It also builds your trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers. 


Google My Business is a great marketing tool that any business can use. Optimizing your profile gets you more targeted leads and customers. Ensure that you have the right information about your business in your GMB profile. Update them regularly. Don’t forget to only use quality photos too.  Finally, visit geotagseo.com to learn more.

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