What Is the Jerusalem Post?

The Jerusalem Post is one of Israel’s most widely read English-language news websites. It is also a major news source for Israelis in the United States. However, with the election of a new Israeli government, there are questions about the future of the Post. Those questions are addressed in this article.

Israeli news

The Jerusalem Post is a newspaper based in Jerusalem, Israel. It is one of the oldest newspapers in the country. It was first published in 1932. Today, it is Israel’s leading English news source.

Since its inception, the Jerusalem Post has had a strong and varied reporting history. From a Jewish perspective, it is viewed as a link between the Israeli Diaspora and the State of Israel. As an English-language newspaper, it focuses on global and local news.

In order to keep up with the competition, the Jerusalem Post Group recently migrated to Google Cloud. It also has three fast-paced news channels. One of the channels, the Jerusalem Report, is edited by Steve Linde.

Israel’s incoming government

Israel’s incoming government will include several members of the radical-right. These individuals have seats in parliament, but they are also being given vital ministries in the new government. This may set off a domino effect that could collapse the government.

A special Knesset plenum session is expected to vote on the formation of the new government on Thursday at 11 a.m. It is not known yet how many ministries will be added to the incoming government.

It is likely that some ministries will be divided into two. The Religious Affairs Committee will be split between the RZP and Shas, while the Jewish Culture branch will go to Struk. Also, the Judea and Samaria Border Police will move to the National Security Ministry, which will be headed by a Likud minister.

Israel’s most-read English news website

Founded in 1932, the Jerusalem Post has been a leading source of news for English-speaking Jews in Israel and the Diaspora. The Jerusalem Post provides comprehensive coverage of world news, local politics, and Middle East issues. It also offers readers news on Israeli culture, entertainment, and lifestyle.

In 2004, the Jerusalem Post was acquired by Mirkaei Tikshoret, a Tel Aviv-based publisher of Israeli newspapers. Several Jerusalem Post-journalists resigned after the takeover. But the newspaper remains one of the most important media outlets in the country.

The Jerusalem Post publishes several English-language versions of its publications, including a daily newspaper and a monthly magazine. It also produces international editions for the European and Asian communities.

A. Zvielli, Reflections on the 60-Year History of ‘The Jerusalem Post’

The Jerusalem Post was founded in 1932. It began as an eight-page newspaper. In 1934, circulation grew to two thousand copies. After 1948, the newspaper was a staunch supporter of the government of Israel.

From its inception, the Jerusalem Post has covered international and local news, as well as political and social issues. A variety of readers read the newspaper, including foreign diplomats, local residents, and immigrant journalists. This group has been a strong presence in Israel’s print media for the last six decades.

Gershon Agronsky purchased the Palestine Bulletin in 1925. He had plans for years to establish a regular, high-quality English-language newspaper.

Migrating to Google Cloud for Jerusalem Post Group

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Media bias

There’s a lot of media bias in the news these days, especially in Israel. The Jerusalem Post is a popular Israeli newspaper and one that has been criticized for its biased coverage of Israeli affairs.

While analyzing the Jerusalem Post’s reporting, Mediabuzz looked at a few things. For example, the paper’s AllSides Media Bias Rating. They also analyzed its research, presidential endorsements, and blind surveys. Using these metrics, they were able to conclude that the Jerusalem Post has a center-left bias.

The Jerusalem Post isn’t the only source with a Center-left rating, however. In fact, the NYT has one too. However, this article’s “flavor” is distinct from the NYT’s reporting on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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